People commit sins or make mistakes and God forgives them. 


When anyone makes mistake especially if the consequences affect us, it makes us angry, sad and depressed. If that anyone is someone close to you, it even hurts more. 

It depends upon a person whether to forgive people or to hold down the grudge forever.

There is no such wound which never heals. If you scratch them again and again then it will not heal. Sometimes one must let go of grudge you hold and forgive.


It makes you greater and stronger than the one who commits mistake or sin.

Very few people have the capacity to forgive others. They do it because they have a big heart.

A life full of anger and resentment is not a life worth living. It leads you to misery and depression. Forgiving frees you from this torture which you do to yourself when you feel victimized. 

It is not only the one who ask for forgiveness is benefited but the one who forgives is also benefited. 

Moving on by forgiving is the best thing a person can do.

Forgiveness is a gift which you can give to yourself. It will help you in long run. It will help you not to keep the hurt and forgive them.

At first you will find difficult to forgive but as you will grow, you will understand that it is not that difficult at all.


Forgiveness does not mean that you have accepted the mistake of others or you have forgotten them. It means that you have decided to move on with happiness not with grudges or resentments.

Forgiving is something which we do for others, we do it for ourselves and so that we can move on.

Lastly remember one thing, Forgiving people will make you even more stronger and wiser than others as you know the art of moving on.

Forgiving is one gift which is best for us to have !!!




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