This Little Life Is Such A Beautiful Thing



This life, this little life. Is such a beautiful thing. Our whole life, we keep trying, to reach somewhere. To achieve something. To impress someone. There’s always something for someone. But we never ever do something for ourselves. So selfless yet so selfish. When was the last time you saw yourself in the mirror and thought

“Damn I’m sexy!”

Its been a long time, isn’t it?

All you can see now is, someone who is doing stuff he wasn’t meant to do, drenched in lies, waiting for someone who will never return, someone who isn’t familiar to you at all!

All you can recognize him of is that old T-shirt that he always used to wear!

Funny isn’t it?

We all have came a long since we last time saw “ourselves” in mirror.

Some rose, some are roast!

Deep down, we are still there, playing safe, not taking risks, not getting into fights by not saying things that actually matter.

We all are achievers in our own way.

Maybe we don’t take risks,

Maybe we don’t live on edge,

But its fine!

Will take one step at a time!

Our life’s full of “ifs” and ” buts” and “maybes”. Nothing’s certain.


We can’t control the circumstances of our life, we never will be able to control our emotions, but there’s one thing, beyond any reason or debate, we can control. Our reactions to it!

A wise man once told me ~

“No matter what happens, You and you alone are responsible for your own actions.” Its engraved on my mind like an invisible tattoo, which is not visible to me either, but I know its there, and when days aren’t bright, it shows itself!

We all are made of bits and bits. I’m not “me” alone. I’m made each and every day. Growing hour by hour.

Learning and grasping lessons from this little thing called life.

There’s hope alright. What we lack in is “faith”. Faith to keep moving forward.

No matter what life throws you at, you keep moving forward. Unless you’re moving towards a cliff and your brake is jammed, than jump out of that car and combat roll on the ground.

A little bruises here and there, but you will be fine.

Settling is the worst thing we could do to ourselves. There’s no thing as “I’m content!” You’re ‘con’ning yourself.

Rise from the very ground they left you to die on. No one’s out there. No one’s coming for help. You’re on your own. You better get used to the fact that, walking with each other and actually helping each other is totally two different things.  We might not realize now, but we are on our own.

A little help here and there is a good thing, believing in a karma and walking on that part is another good thing, but believing that “good returns as good and help returns as help” ain’t healthy. You would be helping people your whole life, and at the end of it, keep wondering why the help never arrived. Because there was no catastrophe ever and life ain’t a rescue mission.


As I said above, and will repeat once again, You’re on your own.

Don’t get too busy impressing others. Don’t be too selfless that you see yourself getting torn down bit by bit. Don’t be so dependent that even you can’t help yourself. Let there be more scars on your body than meaningless tattoos! There’s more to life than getting tons of message, or no message at all. There’s so many things left unsaid, so many things undone, so many fears to win over, so many things to fall for, the first love, the first kiss, the first breakup, the first actual lecture from your dad about where you went wrong and the first hug from your mom

After all, all we have is, this little life!






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