Things Young Adults Wish Parents Understood!


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It begins, with the clothes you wear, then the food you eat. It goes on to choosing the color of your bedroom walls. Adding in, where you go, how you get there, the people you hang with and to top it up with a cherry, what time you go to bed.

We don’t mean that our parents don’t understand us by saying all of this, but there are several things we wish parents gave a thought to, from our perspective. Today, I list you down a couple of things we, as young adults wish, our parents understood.

  1. Do not invade the privacy!

That is personal! How would you feel if your “baby” teen started picking up the other end of the landline and snooped in on your personal conversations? What if they started checking your mails? You wouldn’t like that, would you? By agreeing to let your “child” to have a social networking site, or a cell phone, you need to agree to the terms ‘it is private’. Same goes for the diary! Having a PERSONAL diary is no big deal for a teen, but as it says it’s personal, would you mind keeping your eyes off it? Please?

  1. Relationships

We like to be around with the person whom we love and bring them home too. But who said it would increase the number of people in a relationship, from 2 to 3 (yeah, I mean pregnancy)? And parents actually strain the relationship between their children because of this.

  1. Comparing with other children.

Parents also create problems for their children, when they see other teens successful. I get that parents want us scoring fairly nice, sweet grades, but who said comparing is going to help? Huh? Try try till you succeed..haha!

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  1. The Future

As the child gets further into the teen years, parents are most likely thinking more about their future. Talking about post-high school plans is a typical issue that teen groups discuss together. Taking time off and working are the most common post-graduation plans that teens have. Whereas parents have already planned our future the day we were born including our marriage plans and kids (now that’s Rajnikant’s speed of planning our future!). But can I just live in the present?

  1. Fashion DISASTERS!

Speaking of fashion, why you spend lots of money to buy jeans that look very old? How can we explain this to our parents about today’s trend? When I use the word disaster, believe me, am just being too sweet with words when it comes to explaining fashion, it’s a CATASTROPHE with the arguments rather!

  1. Too many questions.

The three most common reasons, teens think parents ask too many questions are; to be nosey, to stop them from going, or to know where to go to check up and spy on them.  Parents actually ask these questions, so that they can be sure that where you are going is safe, suitable for somebody your age and properly supervised. Your parents would stop you from going somewhere unsafe, unsuitable or poorly supervised after you answer their encyclopedia of questions, as their motive is not to ruin your fun but to make sure that you don’t put yourself in some trouble. But we are now grown-ups!

  1. Continuous scolding.

Non-Stop screaming at a child won’t get you anywhere. When someone starts yelling, he will usually NOT listen to what you are saying. It basically enters one ear and the other second leaves from the other one! Funny but true!

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  1. Depression

According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, depression is common among young adults. Parents may feel responsible or nervous about the future.

– Amey Khedekar.

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