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Business Communication


Business Communication

Communication is the process of conveying ideas from one person to another. When idea’s are created and wish to be shared, the process of communication takes place. A particular person conveys his message across by writing it down, talking it out, gesturing or showcasing it to the opposite person using video aids; this passage of the idea using any particular form is termed as communication. Communication is effective when the receiver understands the message correctly, in the way that the sender indented him to.

Business communication, is the process of effectively communicating business ideas and processes. It is very essential to have good communication skills to succeed at your place of work or while conducting your own business. Just imagine a world where communication didn’t exist or even if it did it was broken and mismanaged; so the test schedule would be placed out after we had been put through the torture of writing the test. Or you call your girlfriend for a date and she ends up sending her elder brother instead, we all know the outcome after that one!

The world would just go around haphazard if there were no proper means of communication taking place, asking for anything using sign language would be so funny. And if the facial expressions for anger would be smiles and for happiness would be wailing loudly, what would the world come to? It is so essential to have proper means and channels of communication that ensure that the message reaches across to us properly and in the right sense.

Why do we have to Study Business Communication?

Business Communication

For someone who wishes to become a successful professional in any field knowing communication well is a must. Communication for business is very different from general chit chat and social niceties, to be well versed in Business Communication is a must for everyone as successful communication is the pathway to success. This subjects aims to provide students with equal opportunity to speak and write, to be able to balance the delivery of oral and written components of communication skills and to groom the potential managers with the basic qualities, skill set, traits required by a good leader.

Is it a Boring Subject?

Business Communication

Not at all, Business Communication is theory based but has a lot of fun aspects attached to it. There are a lot of practical aspects attached to this subject, you have ways and means of communicating effectively. The different colors, facial expressions and body language that help out in communicating effectively are so interesting and fun to learn about. You can also use some of the tips and tricks you come across for effectively communicating things in your personal life as well.

Is it difficult to Study Business Communication?

Business Communication

Business communication is one of the easiest subjects of your semester. You don’t have to worry about passing your exams if you do worry do it to know can you score maximum marks in this subject.

Do we need to join a coaching class for Business Communication?

Not at all!

What is the Syllabus for this subject?

Business Communication

 The Syllabus for this subject is divided into 4 Units as follows:

Unit 1: Fundamentals of communication

This unit deals with the basics of communication and the process of communication.

Unit 2: Written communication

This unit teaches us how to effectively communicate in written format.

Unit 3: Oral communication

This unit teaches us how to effectively communicate by means of oral communication.

Unit 4: Non-verbal communication and business etiquette’s.

This unit deals with the various actions, gestures, colors and behavior patterns that help us in communication effectively. It also deals with etiquette’s that necessary for conducting business effectively.

For detailed syllabus click here!

How do I study this Subject?

Business Communication

As a BMS student you either are the Topper, the Average scorer or the Last minute expert student and your study patterns are as per the title that suits you. Here I present to you study schedules for each of this type of students so that you can score well and if not scoring really good you manage to pass your exams in this subject.

For the Topper Type: You need to score maximum marks and it is going be really easy where Business communication is concerned. your scoring starts with your internal exams, spend half an hour a week for studying Business communication every day before the exams and you will score good marks in the exam. Now comes the part of your semester examination, when you deal with you semester exam you can start by reading your textbook and making notes this process will take 15 days and while making these notes you will automatically learn the answers as they are very easy to understand and remember.

You can spend an hour on alternate days for this subject and within a span of a month you will be able to complete the entire syllabus and revision easily. Then you need to focus on writing a kickass paper to ensure you get all the marks you have studied for. A paper in Business communication is incomplete without examples and references of real life situations, relate as much as you can with the real world while writing your answers. It is very easy to find related examples for this subject and while writing your answers when you will use these examples your examiner will immediately understand your thorough knowledge of the subject and hand out marks handsomely.

If you are the average student and take up studying a few days before the exams then your approach will be quite different, you can start by reading the entire textbook once and then learning the answers. You can easily cope up within a week’s time if you devote proper hours to this subject, the language is very easy and the concepts are quite understandable.

If you are the last minute expert then take up important question answer as given in your college or on You cannot get a KT in this subject, in fact this subject is one of those which will help you relieve the stress from your hectic schedule, it will be fun to study and apply the practical aspects of this subject.

Professor Mansi suggests that, “You must revise the format of the letter perfectly”. She also asks you to be well aware of the difference between the formal and the informal methods of communication. “In letter writing revise the content of all types of letter writing and opt for letter writing rather than reports,” she says. “While you study make sure you leave nothing out” says Sheetal Kashyap a BMS alumni, “leaving out any part of the syllabus stating it to be easy and then planning on doing it later will be a mistake, as things done on the last minute become hard on the memory and during the time of the exams you may just end up forgetting everything and struggling to pass the exam,” she adds. 

The Business Communication #TBT:

Business Communication

#TBT or Throw back Thursday is one trip down the memory lane and for Smita Rao a BMS alumni Business Communication includes a lot of lectures that qualify to get that #TBT title, “Well we had weird faculty for Business Communication who had the habit to talk as if she were singing, in a sing song pitch, which makes all of those lectures my most memorable one’s. It started the day she introduced herself my name is Rosieeeee D’costaaa, (name changed on request) the way she said her eeeee’s was the best part because it seemed like she was making up an advertise for yellow teeth.. Rosieeeeeeee. Sometime’s I think it was because she was a model for a toothpaste as before she took up teaching but believe me if any of my BMS lectures qualify for a #TBT it has to be Business Communication.”

For Ankit Shah, too #TBT goes to Business Communication and the reason for this is, “My Business Communication presentation on Non-verbal communication, I was supposed to show the gestures and etiquette’s that are required for Business Communication and I just blanked out, so my girlfriend sitting right on the first bench corner decided to help me, she started gesturing the etiquette’s without realizing that not just me but the whole class including the faculty could see what she was doing, after the first 5 minutes she did realize that everyone was watching her so she was super embarrassed. The faculty got up and to my disbelief said Ankit, that’s one supportive girl friend you have and ended the lecture, we were both on cloud 9 over what had happened thinking that she will forgive me and give me passing marks but of course that happens only in movies! So after that very encouraging remark she gave me a KT in my internal exams  but my girlfriend got an A because of that and that was the first time a guy who had gotten a KT was really happy about what had happened. It gets my #TBT for sure!”

Are there any Reference Notes for this subject? Business Communication notes BMS

Business Communications FAQ’s answered here!

Business Communication

1. Do good communications really make a difference while getting a job? – Riya Singh, F.Y.BMS

Yes they do, it starts from the time you mail across your resume or c.v to the organisation, your formal communication expressed there and your covering letter are your first touch point with the organization and those are the ones which make them give you a call for the interview. At the interview everything from your appearance, style of making a conversation, gestures and actions all impact your image and applicability in the organization. Even after you get the job it is very essential that you have good communication skills to be able to communicate and carry out your work properly to get ahead in your career.

2. Why is it important to study written communication, we have already learnt formal letter in school then why repeat it again? – Satish Singh, F.Y.BMS

Written communication is a lot more than what you learnt at school, now that you are about to enter professional life in the next few years it is a must that you learn written communication as it is a very crucial factor and will be used regularly at the work place.

3. Does learning business communication help us out in personal life too? – Richa Mehta, F.Y.BMS

Yes learning Business Communication will surely help you in your personal life as well, this subject teaches the basics of written and oral communication, the appropriate gestures and techniques which are used for effective communication and all of this helps out in communicating well with friends, family and peers.

4. Communication is ensuring that we get the message across properly to the opposite person, as most of us can do that well with with friends and family, so why is it important to learn this as a subject?

Business communication is a lot more than simply sending out the message we have appropriately. It teaches us to be professionally skilled and trains us to communicate formally and in a way that is appropriate for the professional world which is why it is important to learn this subject instead of simply relying on the basics of casual conversation that we are aware off.

Can I make a career out of Business Communication?

Business Communication

Excellent Business Communication Skills will help you make a successful career in any field that you enter, but apart from that if you do wish to make  a career in communications then you can surely take up teaching Business Communication, the demand for good teachers in different college’s is immense. You can also make a career as a PR executive or in the media field as they are the ones who are most closely related to communications. There are B-schools in India like the MICA or SIMC which offer MBA’s in communication. In India the job prospective for someone who specializes in communication are very less, but the scope abroad is immense.

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