T.Y.Talk: Why You Absolutely Cannot Miss Your I.V. This Year!



I was wondering a lot and a lot means really a lot on how should I start up with my first post for this section and then I recalled the best days of my BMS! Bang, it was right in front of me, ‘The Industrial Visit’ is obviously the best time I have had in my T.Y and so here goes my post Uno on ‘Why you absolutely cant miss your industrial Visit this year!’

Well for those who have been on I.V’s in their past two years can related a lot better with me, but those who haven’t, you need to read this all the more to know exactly what I am talking about! 

My Industrial Visit in my T.Y. topped over the one’s in F.Y to Hyderabad and S.Y to Rajasthan because in T.Y we were taken to the Northern belt; Chandigarh, Shimla, Kullu and Manali to be precise. A 9 day long mad party it was, playing in the snow, going river rafting, climbing almost a hundred steps to a temple and finding a scary yak on the way or the amazing disco booked for the DJ night.. Just prceless! 


So gettng back to the point, the best part of any trip is usually the travel, especially when its with a bunch of friends and an outstation I.V’s it is definitely the best time ever! You get to mix and mingle and find a lot of new friends in this period. The super puke inducing railway food, the getting down at all the stations at wherever hour of the night and those late night truth and dare games. 

I.V special couples and friendships formed during these journeys that surely last a lot more than the couples are definitely memorable. The sightseeing, crazy selfie sessions, taking care of a sick friend or going on to experience something entirely new all of this marks your I.V.


Carrying your own bags, is another new experience for all the, ‘I dont travel lower than business class’ snoots and of course is a difficult task for the girls who in order to look stunning every moment in the I.V decided to bring along their entire wardrobe and shoe closet. Like really, Who gets along a pair of stilettos to an I.V?

Yes The teeny weeny actual visit to the industry matters but definitely comes low on the priority list, and no student is an exception to that rule. Wearing the skimpiest outfit for the DJ night even if the temperature outside is at 3 degree, and roaming out in local transport to the nearest market on a day you dont have any sightseeing planned up; is what makes these few days of your life utterly memorable!


That hefty bargain shopping and all those purchases that seemed so logical there and seem a complete waste of money once you are home. Crazy antakshari sessions, dancing on the bed with your besties while having the television volume full and no care in the world, or that one popular song on television that becomes your song of the I.V. 


Its like a roller coaster of amazing moments none of which you can afford to miss! This year the University has not kept the Industrial Visit as mandatory and its a college decision, so ask, request or plead whatever it takes to ensure you get this opportunity because this is your last year and believe me its never going to come back.


I cant just get around to ending this post because there is so much more I want to write about these days that were the most memorable one’s in my life! So i’ll just leave it unfinished for you to go ahead experience it all and complete it for me.

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Ami Pandya

'Ever Learning, Ever Evolving, Never Giving up' sums up www.bms.co.in's Content Manager and passionate writer, Ami. She is a BMS graduate who has freelanced in the past with the top Indian newspapers and magazines. Apart from writing she also likes to indulge into travelling, photography and social work.


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