It’s the time of your academic life where you have pressures reigning high. University exams promise to be horrible and the kind of uncertainty they display across the past years ensures you have goose bumps even with the thought of exams coming anywhere near you!

Seniors have hammered into your head, the scary experiences of the FM k.t and super seniors have scared you about a bad logistics paper in their batch, with all of this I am sure fixing up a career plan is going to be on the back burner for now.

But don’t push it away so much that, it becomes a tearful tale in the month of May, 2015 for you. I share this by personal experience that an unplanned career once you reach your final year is like a cheerful welcome note to doomsday, now let me tell you exactly why!

Once you are done with Sem 6, there will come a sudden sense of freedom when you will feel pretty relaxed and want to go away on vacations and party as much as you can. What after that, when the emptiness creeps in and family starts pestering you to either get a job or take up further studies.

Then you will start thinking, about the field you actually want to get in! Followed by a tedious and tiresome process of making c.v’s, rehearsing for interviews, making applications and by the time you are actually ready all the good jobs have been taken and all that remains is the quick money: call center option, but do you really feel that’s your worth after slogging for 3 years in order to become a management graduate?

Many of you, dont fall in this category! You have your options planned up and career maps drawn; even in such cases do make sure you have backup options because life has it’s weird ways and there is no guarantee of getting exactly what you wish for. Prevention is better than cure isn’t it!

In case you haven’t planned up your career, there is no better time than today to start. These decisions take a while and they should, because whatever you choose now is something you are going to have to stick to your entire life for. A hasty choice in crucial matters will lead you to a confused career start, delaying all those dreams and plans for life.

Don’t we always look upon other people’s wrong decisions and confidently say to ourselves that this is not going to happen to me? Well it’s high time we woke up and ensured that those failures don’t happen to us in reality!

Until next time, keep studying, keep enjoying and keep loving your T.Y.BMS!


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