SYBMS Environmental Management & Economics Sem 3 Syllabus: Environmental Economics I


Teaching Hours and Assessment Pattern of Environmental Economics I:

  1. No. of sessions of 90 minutes – 30
  2. No. of sessions of 90 minutes per week – 2
  3. Continuous Assessment – 40 I A
  4. Semester end Examination – 60 I A
  5. Total marks – 100
  6. Duration of theory paper- 3 hours
  7. No. of credits – 2

The syllabus of Environmental Economics – I is as follows:

  1. Introductory micro-economic theory such as: supply and demand, price formulation, political means of control, environmental economic theories.
  2. Valuation methods, political means of control – administrative and incentive based and their applicability on environmental problems.
  3. Natural resource economics, renewable and non-renewable resources, resource management regimes,
  4. Ecological economics, the ecological system, technological pessimism vs technological optimism,
  5. International trade and the environment, Economic growth and the environment and
  6. Case studies.

Environmental Economics

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