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In today’s world, clothing speaks on itself, it is a salient advertising. The more designer your dress; the more glamorous your charisma. Hence one must take minute attention towards dressing sense as you are required to sell your personality first and then your product

Here are some tips that might come handy while ‘Suiting up

  • Your shirt and your blazer should be interlinked, and both must be of contrast colour combinations. For eg. If your shirt is white then suit should be black. (Avoid colours like yellow, green, red for shirts & maroon, purple etc. for suits)
  • Tie should be in co-ordination with shirt. And if shirt is of white colour, then tie should be black. Avoid tie of same colour as shirt.
  • Your crease of shirt should be at least 1 inch outside your suit. That gives distinct image of contrast nature of colour of shirt and suit.
  • Trousers should be of formally accepted nature, black, shades of blue etc. suit and trousers should complement each other.
  • Socks should be of same colour as trousers and up to ankle length. When you sit crossed legged socks should not reveal skin of your legs.
  • Shoes should be black in colour, formal wear. Since black is universally accepted prefer it.
  • All the clothing range must be carefully selected and a special wardrobe must be dedicated for business attires. You must not wear suits just for sake of formal fashion but also must carry your attire around you. If u fail to do so, your aura won’t have an impact.


Just remember you don’t need a big name associated with you or any fancy car, just believe in yourself and walk freely. Posture straight.

And it will be common sense to analyse that you need not be Barney Stinson or Harvey Spectre to wear a suit, but you might create a personality distinct from these character and enter corporate with the thing required the most ‘CONFIDENCE.’

-Vibhav Galadagekar.

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