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Computer Applications in Business is a Practical subject which involves Theoretical knowledge of Spreadsheets, Web Designing, E-Commerce, MIS. If you know how to operate them, then theory would be easy. Computer Applications in Business provides an overview of the integrated software packages most often used in the workplace. You learn basic features and business applications for the word processor, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software.

The most important part is to know your syllabus, so read through your syllabus first:


C.A.B Syllabus:

Unit I : Advanced Spreadsheets.

A)         Multiple Spreadsheets

  1. Creating and Using templates
  2. Creating and Linking Multiple Spreadsheets.
  3. Add Headers/Footers to a Workbook.
  4. Create Formulas that use references to cells in different worksheets.
  5. Creating and using named ranges

B)         Functions

  1. Financial functions: FV, PV, PMT, PPMT, IPMT, NPER, RATE, NPV, IRR
  2. Database Functions VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP
  3. Conditional Logic Functions IF, COUNTIF, SUMIF

C)         Data Analysis

  1. Using Scenarios, creating and managing a scenario.
  2. Using Goal Seek.
  3. Using Solver.
  4. Pivot Tables – Building Pivot Tables, Pivot Table regions, Rearranging Pivot Table.
  5. Creating simple macros.


Unit  II :  Web Designing Using HTML

  1. Evolution of HTML
  2. Concept of Hyper Text, Tags
  3. Structure of an HTML file
  4. Basic Tags – <head>, <title>, <body>,<h1> to <h6>, <p>, <b>
  5. Formatting text – Logical and Physical tags
  6. Style Sheets
  7. Creating Lists and Tables
  8. Adding graphics with and without text, alignment.
  9. Creating links – internal and External, mail links
  10. Creating Frames
  11. Creating Forms.
  12. Understanding How softwares like Front Page, Dream Weaver Create HTML files.
  13. Uploading HTML Pages using SW like Cute FTP, WS FTP

Unit III : E-Commerce

  1. Definition Diff. between Ecommerce and E-business
  2. E-commerce infrastructure, Packet switching, TCP/IP, IP addresses Domain Names. URL 5, HTIP, SMTP, POPMAP, SSI, TELNET, FINGER, TRACERT
  3. Development of web Browsers Hypertext
  4. Features of E-Commerce (Advertising)
  5. Types of E-commerce (B2C, B2B, C2C, P2P)
  6. Business Models in E-Commerce (Revenue, Advertising, Subscription, Transaction Fee, Sales Revenue, Affiliate Revenue)
  7. Major B2c models (Portal, Etailer, Content Provider Transaction Broker, Market Creator, Service provider, Community provider.
  8. E-Commerce Security: Integrity, Non Repudiation, Authenticity, Confidentiality, privacy, Availability.
  9. Encryption : Definition, Symmetric Key Encryption, DES (Data Encryption Standard), PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Signatures, Digital Signatures, SSL.
  10. Payment Systems: Digital Cash, Online stored value digital accumulating balance payment. Digital credit accounts, digital checking.
  11. How an Online credit card transaction works SET protocol.
  12. Limitation of E-commerce.

Unit IV : MIS

  1. Introduction to MIS.
  2. Meaning Basic Concepts.
  3. BPS Introduction and Understanding the concept.
  4. ERP What is ERP? What are its advantages?


  • Make sure you attend your practical lectures, because without them you won’t be able to understand your theory.
  • The theory is quite like your other theory subjects, understand, refer sources and learn.
  • MIS and E-commerce are sections that will be repeated in future, make sure you do them well.
  • Advance spreadsheets are HTML in practical application come on the lesser side but in terms of weightage form a very important part, especially the HTML codes and excel commands and shortcuts.  

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