The guy that often appears on TV, flaunting the facewash brand by splashing water on his face in slow motion and the guy that appears next to entry-gate of a superstore, selling lose bottles of the same facewash brand to end-consumers are doing one common task. And that’s selling!


The grassroots fact: The only common feature between the brand ambassador and the salesman is the art of convincing. This art is absorbed by them in their experiences with either greater negotiators or greater marketers.

The contrasting elements: The client’s (manufacturer’s) goal in utilizing the hire’s ambassadorship as well as the salesmanship is the same: profit. But, there are always differentiating bits between these two profit-making tools. And these differences decide whether the manufacturer should go with whom? The salesman or the brand ambassador! Let’s see what those differences are.


1. Delivery of Message:

While communicating, if the message is not clearly delivered, the need of that brand ambassador goes narrower. If the message is communicated well, there’s no looking back as a result of witnessing rising sales. A salesman has all the chances to correct himself, know and understand the interacting audience. He goofs up and in a fraction of a second, can turn it into a joke and the ambassador goofs up, he gets another shot.





2. Use of Media:

The use of media in the two sorts of communications is a straightforwardly different. A salesman has to be on the field, for one-to-one conversations with the end-consumer while the brand ambassador may communicate through radio, cinema, television, print, online media and many more.


3. The Target Audience Proportions:

The expendable one-to-one conversations take a lot of time, money and energy, almost exhausting the salesman after each converts. The brand ambassador also takes time, money and energy but a hundred times more than that of the salesman. The only reason is another difference between the brand ambassador and the salesman, which is:


4. The Difference of Reward:

Everyone who pours out their heart deserves a reward, irrespective of its size and field. The salesman covers a big chunk of the target audience while the brand ambassador covers almost the whole lot of target audience through his charisma. Lesser the audience reached, lesser will be the sales; lesser the sales; lesser will be the profits; lesser the profits lesser the rewards.



A brand always tries to sell itself more than focusing on the product as a need to give cushion to future endeavours as well. Since the focus is at the future, it’s the brand ambassadors who are hired to spell the magic of their awe and charisma to attract the biggest pool of targets.

A salesman does the same job but at a lower level. The lower level simply states that the size of the target audience for a salesman is smaller as compared to the target audience covered by the brand ambassadors. So higher the target, higher will be the number of converts and rest of the chain reactions remain the same.


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