Romance In Teenage Does It Last?



As the dust settles, world just finished witnessing biggest cauldron of jamboree, a once in four year event THE FIFA WORLD CUP 2014. Cynosure of such an event is not just the players, the coaches but also their WAGs. Itslike a huge feast for the ravenous paparazzi to photograph these people in action.

Out of all the WAGs of these footballers, AntonellaRocuzzo gets special attention. Some justify this by saying that because she is the wife of Lionel Messi, one of the best footballers in the world.But,there is something beyond that. Only a few would know that this beautyis the childhood love of Lionel Messi which culminated into marriage.

 In the present age where Kim Kardashian’s marriage last for 72 days, Gwyneth Paltrow announces concious uncoupling from her husband and with such cases going around how do we expect innocent teenage love to last any longer than teenage? Unless,your bonding is like that of Lionel Messi-AntonellaRocuzzo.

The feeling of teenage love is inexplicable. You don’t find enough word to say how you feel, you want the time to freeze, so that those moment lasts forever, your heart beats so loud that you can hear it, eyes shine brighter than the stars, the passionate moment strengthens you from within, you feel high, wishing to look at him/her constantly with a smile. From a formal handshake to the tightest hug, it all seems magnificent, and you can remember it as one of the beautiful days of your life. It is like a fairy tale.


 But then some may ask that why something so pure, so insane, so intense does not last long?

The socialisingapps over whichteenagelove blossoms are actually the real culpritsleading to breakups. Last seen on Whatsapp ,a tag on Facebook, a hash tag on Instagram anything can be the cause of a small altercation which gradually snowballs into a larger issue. Once the relationship ends, no platform is left to embarrass the other person as in case of Shane Warne & Liz Hurley where after break up Liz Hurley posted a picture with her puppy with tagline- “the more I know man, the more I love my dog “. If adults behave in such a manner what can be expected from far more vociferous teenagers.

Constant talking is no communication:

Hours on phone, late night conversation on Whatsapp, pictures on Instagram & Facebook for PDA everything seems like a fairytale in the beginning because you start to know a person & there is plethora of topics to talk on. But soon everything changes. What earlier seemed spontaneous & used to wipe you off your feet now becomes predictable, redundant & boring because we already know someone a lot that there is nothing exciting left. What earlier seemed innocuous and must for a healthy relationship was actually insidious in nature.

IF not you, someone else:

Earlier temptation was aslave of destiny but today it enslaves you.Starting a conversation or friendship with a stranger no longer needs audacity, thanks to the social media. That’s why teenagers don’t hesitate to end their so called love life because they always have someone else available with whom they can start afresh.


Teenagers fail to understand that the person whom they meet on any social media app may or maynot be the same person in reality. One can always build a good image on social media platforms while the same may not be true in reality. It is only when they meet someone in person,they realize their mistake of falling for someone over social media platforms just because he/sheportrayed a deceiving self-image in their profile.

Wingman or Anti-wingman?

Most teenagers find their other half via a common friend that’s why they say Friends are the best wingmans. They help to introduce us, arrange a meeting, give crazy ideas to allure someone. Everything seems hunky dory. But as romance culminates and lovers are so much into themselves that the friend who helped them feels he is being ignored & this leads to altercation, trust issues etc. As teenagers lack sagacity they end up creating a mountain out of molehill losing both their friend & love.

Blame it on THE teenage:

‘ Cause when you are fifteen & somebody tells you they love you, you gonna believe them’

This line of Taylor Swift aptly defines the viciousness of this age. At this age life seems to be rudderless. You inadvertently fall for someone without taking into consideration culture, consent of parents & your own goals in life. Soon with passing time sagacity comes, you realize you got bigger dreams to fulfil & the so called love is acting as a loggerhead & so you move on with life.


This blog is incomplete without sharing these lines which are read somewhere:

The best advice I’ve ever gotten

Was said that I shouldn’t be in a

Relationship with anyone whom

I wouldn’t marry, for it’s a waste

Of time and takes you off the market.

So don’t worry about relationships.

Build friendships, and one day

Maybe you’ll suddenly meet your

Soulmate, or you will realize you

want to spend the rest of your

life with best friend.

Your young life shouldn’t be spent

Trying to fall in love or even having to

Worry about a partner.

Your life right now should be filled

With spending time on finding yourself

And building friendships.

 – Jeet Haria

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