Rising Influence Of Technology On Students


Rising Influence Of Technology

In this era, technology has taken an important place in our day to day life. Everyone has been addicted to technology, though it is elders or youngsters. Especially, students are highly affected. Their day starts with gadgets and end with gadgets. Due to an increase in social networking sites, students are busy chatting on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. No one could have ever thought that there would be such a development in technology. But the main problem is that people are not using it in the right way.
Students keep on chatting with their friends on Facebook which causes strain to their eyes. They get so engrossed in it, that they don’t have interest in performing their daily activities. They get so tired as a result of which they don’t do their studies and feel sleepy. Parents should take strict actions towards their children so that they don’t waste their precious time. Nowadays, new features are introduced in various mobiles. Therefore, children start demanding for new mobile phones to their parents due to advance technology. This leads to wastage of money and even wastage of mobile phones. It generates e-waste which ultimately leads to pollution and destroys the environment.
It is observed that in functions when children go with their family, they are busy with mobile phones and do not pay any attention to any members with them. Due to spending most of the time with their mobile phones, they don’t feel relaxed. They don’t realize how much time gets wasted if once they start operating the internet. Technology has made us lazy. A large of video games has come up on internet. Therefore, instead of moving out of their houses children are busy playing with their video games. The physical fitness of the child is hampered. No physical work is performed by the child which leads to various problems in their body. This is the age when children should go out and play games which will increase their stamina and develop a good physical health. Earlier, there was a proverb that “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. But now the proverb has changed into “All chatting and no play make Jack a dull boy”. In a recent survey conducted, 41.6%of the children who play video games are found to be obese.
But technology also helps us in many ways. Internet is known as the treasure of information because internet fulfils all our wishes. At a click of a button we get information on any topic with which we are concerned. If we have any problem, we can directly search it and find its solution. Through Google, we can get information of any monument, place, business, etc. This helps students in making their projects. Earlier, when man had to go to a new place, it had to take favour from the locals of that place by asking them address. But still the directions were so confusing that he use to land up at a wrong place. But though it use to land up at the correct destination it used to be time consuming. But nowadays, due to GPS (Global Positioning System) it has become so easy that we can find the place in seconds. We don’t have to rely on others and can also reach the right place.
Every coin has two sides. Just like that, there are advantages as well as disadvantages of technology. It depends upon us that in what way are we using it. Therefore, we must not use technology in the wrong way and make the best use of it.







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Aakriti Sharma
I am in 11th std from mulund college of commerce


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