Reasons behind Delay in BMS Sem 6 Results 2011!


Find out what the University officials have to say about the delay in TYBMS University Results 2011.

Information Source is Afternoon Despatch and Courier.

Check out the details of the reasons —

According to Vilas Shinde, Controller of Examination, “The self-financed courses are suffering because the teachers are not committed. They are not willing to come on time and check papers. The system is new and there may be flaws, but that has not caused the delay.”

Shinde also revealed that the university will issue memos to all teachers who have not reported for assessment of answer sheets this year, “There are many such cases of the teachers behaving in a laidback manner especially those in the self-financed courses,” added Shinde.

He admitted that there is inadequate infrastructure and lack of training amongst teachers about the new system, but added that it has stopped the malpractices that were taking place and that the student’s identity is protected. “We have learnt from our mistakes. Next time, there will not be delays. In fact, the system will be faster,” assured Shinde. When asked about why the students weren’t kept in the loop about the delay, Shinde replied that there is no provision of communicating with the students.

Sources from the university admitted that teachers involved in the assessment of answer sheets were not properly trained. According to one, there are cases where students have made mistakes while filling the answer sheets and the system has rejected them. Such answer sheets will have to be assessed manually. “The university has implemented the system in a hurry. They should have had a pilot project and gradually introduced the system. Making students wait like this is frustrating them even further,” said a university professor in condition of anonymity.

About the OMR system
The Optical Marks Recognition (OMR) system has been introduced for the first time in Maharashtra by the varsity for better security and faster evaluations. The barcoding system ensures that a student’s seat number is nowhere on the answer sheet, making chances of malpractice negligible. The part of the paper with the seat number is sent to the university by the supervisor, where it is fed into a computer. The computer then matches the barcode and seat number. A software has been created that can read the marks and directly transfers them to the computer.

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  1. MU give me a solution for this, i want to enroll for law and results are not yet out, and form submission are going to close by 30th july. Till that time i wont be having result in hand, can you give me in writing that this student should be given provisional admission because of delay of result. My career is at stake because of delay in results by MU. I want answer on urgent bases, as today is 27th july.If my year will be wasted, i will take strict action against MU.

  2. @jasmine,
    You know what according to few sources, we were supposed to get results this week.
    But now few sources are saying that it would be declared in 1st week of august.

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