Ragging In Indian Colleges : A Serious Crime Or Just For Fun



Ragging is a social issue which can be seen and witnessed almost every day, but the question arises here is that: Should we take this as some sort of serious crime or just ignore it?

Do you know the meaning of the word ‘Ragging’? Ragging is playing practical jokes on somebody or teaching someone a lesson. Today in almost all the Indian educational institutes the new students are welcomed with seniors ragging them.

The main objective of ragging is to break the ice between the senior students and the new entrants. By some means of interaction they can know each other. But in real it just a form of torture.

Ragging is done in different forms. In some cases seniors make fun of fresher’s about their looks especially when they are either short, dark or fat while in the other cases the seniors would insist that the fresher’s bow before them and greet them with folded hands.

Ragging Offence

Those who don’t agree to the seniors command or if they speak up against it are beaten up or striped in some extreme cases. There have been many cases of ragging which has been filed on a regular basis. Almost all the colleges have started Anti-Ragging Act in the campus to stop this criminal offence completely.


Ragging is a crime which has been invented for the students and by student, so the solution should also be brought into effect by the students. They must all take an initiative to stop this inhumane act and see to it that it does not destroy someone’s entire life.

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Saloni Shetty


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