Quick Facts: What You Need To Know About Dr. Anil Bhandari, ONGC’s Exploration Director



  1. Dr. Anil Bhandari becomes the exploration director of the ONGC Videsh Ltd., the overseas arm of Oil & Natural Gas Corp. Ltd.
  2. Dr. Bhandari has to manage overseas exploration assets and evaluate exploration opportunities, lead  the business development for new exploration and production assets acquisitions.
  3. He joined ONGC in 1979 and has 34 years of experience in geosciences, management, and research and development.
  4. Dr. Bhandari is famous for his scholastic achievements. His scientific publications/books are more than 40 which has been published in not only in national but also in international journals.
  5. His awards and recognition includes:

1) Young Executive Award by ONGC  in 1988

2) National Mineral Award 2001 by Government Of India for his contribution in Geology and Stratigraphy.

3 ) He has been awarded by Prof. S.N. Bhalla a Gold medal in 2009 by Paleontological Society of India.

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