Paper pattern:-


Q1. Objectives (15 marks)

Q2. Full length questions (2 sets of 2 questions each. Attempt any one set)

Q3. Full length questions (2 sets of 2 questions each. Attempt any one set)

Q4. Full length questions (2 sets of 2 questions each. Attempt any one set)

Q5. Short notes (3 of 5)


Unit 1

  1. What are the objectives of production management
  2. Job production, Mass production, Batch production (SN)
  3. How are production management systems classified?
  4. Explain the steps involved in a production design
  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of automation
  6. What factors would you consider to determine factory location
  7. What are the different types of plant layout
  8. Explain the principles of effective plant layout
  9. Explain the role of purchase management
  10. Distinguish between centralized and de centralized purchase process


Unit 2

  1. What are the objectives of materials management
  2. Explain the principles of material handling
  3. How are material handling system classified
  4. Explain Pareto’s 80-20 principle
  5. Explain the method of inventory classification
  6. What is EOQ and what are the assumptions of the EOQ model
  7. Simple sums on EOQ, lead time



Unit 3

  1. What are the various ways to calculate productivity
  2. What is the importance of quality management
  3. Explain the factors affecting quality
  4. Explain the 8 building blocks to TQM
  5. Explain Deming’s 14 point plan
  6. Explain Kaizen methodology
  7. Explain SERQUAL model with respect to service quality
  8. What are the objectives of quality circles
  9. Fish bone diagram (SN)



Unit 4

  1. Explain Kepner Tregor methodology of problem solving
  2. Explain DMAIC model
  3. Explain the ISO certification process
  4. ISO 9000, ISO 1400 (SN)
  5. Quality engineering (SN)

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