Project Management – Revised TYBMS Syllabus 2016

Modules at a Glance

SN Modules No. of Lectures
 1  Introduction to Traditional Financial Services  15
 2  Issue Management and Securitization  15
 3  Financial Services and its Mechanism  15
 4  Consumer Finance and Credit Rating  15
Total  60

Project Management – Syllabus Overview

SN Modules/ Units
 1  Introduction to Project Management & Project Initiation
a) Introduction to Project Management:


• Meaning/Definition of Project & Project Management, Classification of Projects, Why Project Management, Characteristics/Importance of Project Management, Need for Project Management (Objectives), History of Project Management

b) Organizational Structure (Project Organization):

• Meaning/Definition of Organizational Structure, Organizational Work Flow, Developing Work Integration Positions, Types of Organizational Structure, Forms of Organization, Strategic Business Units (SBU) in Project Management.

c) Project Initiation:

• Project Selection-Meaning of Project Selection, Importance of Project Selection, Criteria for Project Selection ( Models), Types of Project Selection, Understanding Risk & Uncertainty in Project Selection
• Project Manager-Meaning of Project Manager, Role of Project Manager, Importance of Project Manager, Role of Consultants in Project Management, Selecting Criteria for Project Manager
• Project Planning-Importance of Project Planning, Functions of Project Planning, System Integration, Project Management Life Cycle, Conflicts & Negotiation Handling in Project Management, Planning Cycle & Master Production Scheduling

 2  Analyzing Project Feasibility
a) Project Feasibility Analysis:

• Meaning/Definition of Project Feasibility, Importance of Project Feasibility, Scope of Project Feasibility
• Types of Project Feasibility- Market Feasibility, Technical Feasibility, Financial Feasibility, Economic Viability, Operational Feasibility
• SWOT Analysis ( Environment Impact Assessment, Social Cost Benefit Analysis)

b) Market Analysis:
• Meaning of Market Analysis, Demand Forecasting, Product Mix Analysis, Customer Requirement Analysis

c) Technical Analysis:
• Meaning of Technical Analysis, Use of Various Informational Tools for Analyzing, Advancement in the Era of E- Commerce in Project Management

d) Operational Analysis:
• Meaning of Operation Management, Importance of Operation Management, Operation Strategy – Levels of Decisions, Production Planning & Control, Material Management – Work Study & Method Study, Lean Operations

 3  Budgeting, Cost & Risk Estimation in Project Management
a) Funds Estimation in Project:

• Means of Financing, Types of Financing, Sources of Finance, Government Assistance towards Project Management for Start ups, Cost Control (Operating Cycle, Budgets & Allocations), Determining Financial Needs for Projects, Impact of Leveraging on Cost of Finance

b) Risk Management in Projects:

• What is Risk, Types of Risk in Projects, Risk Management Process, Risk Analysis & Identification, Impact of Risk Handling Measures, Work break Down Structure, New Venture Valuation (Asset Based, Earnings Based, Discounted Cash flow Models)

c) Cost Benefit Analysis in Projects

• Introduction to Cost Benefit Analysis, Efficient Investment Analysis, Cash – Flow Projections, Financial Criteria for Capital Allocation, Strategic Investment Decisions

 4  New Dimensions in Project Management
a) Modern Development in Project Management:

• Introduction to Modern Development in Project Management, Project Management Maturity Model (PMMM), Continuous Improvement, Developing Effective Procedural Documentation, Capacity Planning

b) Project Monitoring & Controlling:

• Introduction to Project Monitoring & Controlling, The Planning – MonitoringControlling Cycle, Computerized Project Management Information System (PMIS), Balance in Control System in Project Management, Project Auditing – Life Cycle

c) Project Termination & Solving Project Management Problems:

• Meaning of Project Termination, Reasons for Termination of Projects, Process for Terminating Projects, Strategy/ Ways to Solve Project Management Problems, Project Review & Administrative Aspects, Execution Tools for Closing of Projects

Reference books for subject: Project Management

Project Management : ~ 
1. Harold Kerzer, Project Management – A System Approach to Planning, Scheduling & Controlling
2. Jack.R.Meredith & Samuel.J.Mantel, Jr.,Project Management – A Managerial Approach
3. Bhavesh.M.Patel, Project Management – Strategic Financial Planning , Evaluation & Control



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