Organizational Design Case Study For Practice


case study for practice

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Although you might be great in theory subjects or scoring amazing marks in your internal tests and external exams but practicing case study is very essential for you to know how to deal a management problem and come up with innovative solutions.

Here we present Organizational Design Case Study For Practice:

Sanjay was a good clerk in a bank for the last 15 years. He was many times suggested by the management that he should clear the Bank examinations and accept an executive post as a Branch Manager. He was all along worried that as a branch manager he will be transferred from his local place to somewhere else which would affect his family and the present comfortable position. His colleague Ramesh, who accepted this offer is now a senior branch manager and due for transfer to the head office as a General Manager.

Everyone thought that Sanjay lost a very important chance in life. He was a principled person in thought and did not regret his decision. However, when his daughter Veena became of a marriageable age and as he started looking for a match for her, he found his status as a clerk in the bank was coming in the way of social status. He started regretting his decision.

Answer the following questions:

  1. Can the organization do anything now for Sanjay?
  2. Why Sanjay’s abilities are as a good worker are not now being recognized?
  3. Can outside organizations give Sanjay a better status?

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