No Matter What Happens In Life, Be With Yourself Till The End


No Matter What Happens In Life

There is this feeling where I’m getting scared, maybe I’m nervous a bit, or maybe something just happened unexpectedly. They say you get what you deserve; you make happen what you are willing to do. Nothing can change those things you have the power of wanting it from within. I was offered to write for the thing I once wished for. It was not only days but months after somebody called me on my cell for it. I had a long conversation about it with the responsible mentor I was represented by. She detailed me of each and everything. I was given my job soon then as I agreed to their terms and conditions. Quite for a moment things were pretty strange for me. Not everything but whatever that came forward was soon; or maybe everything was at its own place but I was never used to quick returns. I talked regarding this thing to my best friend udaya too, she said me everything is good and agreed to what I thought of. Maybe things are at their new beginnings. And moreover maybe I’m with a new start.
They say there’s nothing important then the question you ask yourself, so I kept on asking myself, “weather I’m happy? Definitely” my inner person answered me. This life that I’m living is at a different stage now. I’m getting things once I wished for and just wished on and never looked back at them. And after a period of time I receive my mails from. Or let’s assume this thing; life gives you the thing you hardly wish for. Pretty much sometimes we are satisfied with unwanted or incompletely things. Pretty much we are satisfied with unexpected conversations. And pretty far we accept the words “let’s go with the flow.” But they even add the things of dead fishes go with the flow, but now the statement should be changed.

No Matter What Happens In Life 1

I remember of one of my teacher saying me, “when you feel like you are dying in and in just halt and breathe, do nothing but just breathe; leave your harder breathes talk to yourself and know that you got to walk the dance and dance the walk like a legend.” At that moment I only wondered why he is talking to us like this, are things got to be different and strange, but today I understand why he said it so; maybe it’s after a long time; but I believe in his words today too. The fact is nothing’s changed, not at all him nor does us. They say it right “Time and Tide settles everything.” I don’t know how many years more or time more I’ll be getting to see myself in wonders, satisfied and puzzled wonders. But that’s how for me it starts and ends. And for now, all way this far; I understand is I have pretty enough accepted life this way, happily long lasting.
There is this thing I want to say, “No matter what happens in life, be with yourself till the end, no one can ever stand for you the way you shall stand for yourself.”

-Akshata Govekar

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Akshata Govekar
traveler, explorer, photographer, writer, sports and music lover.


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