No Full Stops In God’s Dictionary!



We all know the meaning of full stop “.” In English, it means end of a line or sentence; you can also say it is a rest period between two sentences. We as writers love this full stop because it gives us some time to think about our next sentence but have you ever think of a full stop in human life. A rest period for humans, which is declared by the god. Is there such a thing in our lives or a time when we can rest and think of our future?

Everyone is running so hard in today’s competitive world and trying to achieve as much as they can. No one is thinking of stopping for a while and enjoy the life. No one is analyzing their lives that what they want to be in their life and are they heading towards the right direction or not?  They cannot access all these points because there is no full stop in our lives. There is no red light on our path, which can stop us, and we refresh our minds.

We all are doing something whether it may be big or small but we are trying our level best to earn a livelihood for us. We are going for work in the day and came back home in the night. It doesn’t mind us that the outside weather is cloudy, rainy, sunny, dull, bright. We only know that when we enter our office, it is sunny day and when we came out it was a dark night. We are not bothering of meanwhile climate. Exact situation is with our lives we go to work every day, came back to home, have a sleep of 8 hours and then again go to office on next day and this continues. We are not bothering of our family needs, their desires, demands and happiness.


We are so busy in our work itself that we forget that we have a family and friends and we should also spent some quality time with them.

Actually, it is not our fault. It is the fault of GOD, who forgot to add a FULL STOP CLAUSE in human life. God has created human life beautifully and wisely also. He knows that if he would add a rest period in human life than it will create a imbalance in human life. We all are active but we are more of a lazy creature then the active ones. We are earning our livelihoods because we don’t have any other option if god has given us a rest period in which we can enjoy our lives without working then we would have become lazy and start demanding everything without any work. Today we have to earn everything from our hard work and that’s why we value the money we are earning.


Human life cycle is design in a fantastic manner. We born and at that time we don’t know anything about life and enjoying life but we have plenty of time to waste. At the age of 5-6 years we little bit, understand what is life and the material things which fascinates us but by this time we are sent to the schools where we have to learn to earn in the coming future. From this time until we complete our education we are continuously learning, learning, and learning without knowing that in which field we are going to apply this education. The biggest irony happens when a person who has studied science is doing an acting job and an arts student is becoming a collector. Then we all do jobs to earn money and then don’t use that money and save it for our future for our children’s who are not yet born. Time passes away and we grow older and older, day-by-day. When we are old, then again the same situation arises that of a baby child. We have lots of free time but can’t enjoy the life.


If you have ever closely monitored the natures, smallest creature “ANT” than you would see the similarities between an ant and a human. Many times, I have seen that ant’s are pushing things, which are much bigger than their size, but they continuously push those things to add them into their savings or wealth. One day the ant was taking a small part of leaf and taking it towards his hole under the ground. The ant reached his hole but unfortunately, the ant could not insert that leaf inside that hole because the entrance of the hole was small so the ant left that leaf there only and gone inside the hole.

This is the same situation of human’s. Whole life we are only running to grab as much wealth as we can but we are not aware that when we go from this lovely earth everything will remain here only, we have to go empty hands.  So, my request is only that you should earn money but don’ t forget that you have one life which is to be enjoyed to the fullest. Mr. Natwar singh has also written a book named “One life is not enough “but in that, in my opinion he wants to say that one life is not enough for pointing out the flaws in congress and Gandhi parivaar…..


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