A detective novel is an intellectual game which is played by every person who reads it. There is always a thrill when you start reading a detective novel. Many kind of questions are that comes to your mind- what the hell is going on??? Who is doing this??? I hope my favourite is not the culprit….


There are many unknown facts about the world which we become aware of like secret societies or mafias. However these facts make the story more interesting, even a single fascinating and truly beautiful murder can do the trick of making people interested in the book. From my personal experience, I can say that my favourite detective novel should have a very cool and observing detective, a beautiful mysterious murder and a twisted secret story behind that murder.
It’s just not about me, one of my friends said that-” mystery is fascinating, it makes you engaged and want to read until you know its climax. A good reader always search for an amazing writing.” “I don’t read many books, but if a book appeals to the fan girl in me then i would love to read it and generally detective novels do it” Jainy adds.

An experience of reading detective novel can change your perspective of looking at things at your environment. You will find yourself more vigilant, more observant and mostly you will be open to new experiences. You don’t meet a professional killer or a detective officer every day but you can get to know how they think, how they plan and how they decide their move. What kind of set of mind they have and what are the reasons that can lead a person to be a killer or a detective.




We may not live in the society where murder happens on a daily basis and hence it is very rare that you can get experience related to it but a really good detective novel will do that for you. When you read a novel, you imagine yourself in the place of the characters like the detective or any other main character.

When a dedicated reader reads a book, he not only looks for a really good story but he also tries to find out the climax of the story, he also wants to give his own ending to it.

Books like Sherlock Holmes will show you that nothing is so godliness in being a detective or a crime solver, all you need to have is sharp observance and really good presence of mind. Dan Brown books tell that science can make and break the man or a single ordinary man can turn into a villain or a hero because of his past experience.

A good reader can read a chapter and tell you about the quality of the writer and his writing. Detective books like Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes or Sidney Sheldon is really hard to resist. I and my friends are really addicted to such books. If we start reading, we will put it down only after we turn over the last page. And that is not only it…we will continue to discuss the story and the climax of it for a week at least, after some time we will read another detective novel and the whole cycle will continue. After all the detective novels have the capacity to make our night sleepless.

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  1. hiba mirza 6 years ago

    i love novel thanks ill read them also

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