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Nowadays, it has become hard and confusing to know and build a career where you earn a lot, have a major respectable position and are enjoying the life. For everyone definition of successful career is different, There is a person with a MBA working in a corporate trying to achieve sales targets every month and has a frustrating life and I also know a MBA who sells Sandwiches at the beach and earns enough money also has time to enjoy life. So for you having a successful career would be a different thing. Some make a career in photography, travelling while some make in marketing, finance.

So the first step to a successful career is finding the definition of success in your dictionary. Know what you feel as being successful, what you want to achieve about time as it will be important in the long run. You are running hard but you don’t know your destination, where you want to reach so, what is the use of running so hard.

Second step will be, know what you like. Trust me, you don’t want to go to a field which you don’t enjoy. May be you might earn some money but you will never be happy and might never have that enthusiasm of growing yourself. Know what you love, and do what you love.

Next thing you should do is a SWOT analysis of yourself so you can know what you have to improve and what the strength of yours is where you excel. Increase your strengths, decrease your weaknesses, reap the opportunities and prepare for threats.

Be satisfied and live your life whenever you can. Sometimes you don’t get what you want, may be you cannot achieve the highest level of success, but be satisfied with what you have or else you might never find the happiness even though you are way successful than you think. It is important to not work like an animal and just take a break and enjoy the moment.

The last step that I think for a successful career would be not to lose your morals and values. Remember that ‘your reputation is more important than your paycheck, and your integrity is worth more than your career’ – Ryan Freitas. Just make sure you don’t lose your culture, family, value, friendship, morals, ethics for chasing the success as in life nothing is more important than living with the respect and honor.


So follow these tips and start building a successful career. It is important not to stop in small setbacks as opportunities are endless you just have to get the best out of you.


– Jainam Jhaveri


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