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Mumbai trains

What do you think when you hear the word wheels? What is the first thing you remember when you hear the word? Which is the first picture that comes to your mind?  Wheels are generally used in convertibles, trains, etc.

Mumbai provides the best transport facility. Local trains of Mumbai are something without which Mumbai would be nothing. You cannot even imagine your life in Mumbai without the use of local trains.

Nearly 7.5 million commuters per day travel by local train. Ah isn’t that a huge number of people! As we all know due to the rise in the prices of petrol and diesel the auto rickshaw and taxi fares also increase every now and then. Apart from autos and taxis; local buses are also an option which can be considered. Though its fare is quite affordable but then again the issue is of traffic. Many people don’t like travelling, and therefore they avoid this option of local buses.

Local trains saves your time and helps you reach your destination safely. Most importantly if you are a resident of Mumbai then travelling in a train would come naturally to you. Many a times we are in a great hurry and do not wish to waste our time by travelling by a bus or hiring a cab or making use of own car and driving ourselves in this situation we can always rely on local trains as trains for every possible route or particular station is available after every two minutes.


I would love to share my own experience! I stay in Bandra and daily have to travel to Vile parle as I study bms in Mithibai College. During the initial days I would drive myself on a scooty to college but as and when days passed it turned out to be very tiring for me as it took an hour of travelling{inclusive both journey} due to the traffic and end number of signals that fall while you are passing through Santa Cruz. Then my father suggested me of trying the local train. To be honest, I never really liked trains as they are very crowded and I being a crowd hater never even had imagined myself travelling in a train but thought to give it a try. First day was a disaster, I was already running late for college and then I had to run to get into the train which was about to leave the platform; but luckily I got in and the same minute stamped someone’s feet. Ouch! Before that angry lady would shout and create a scene I saved myself and apologised to her. Then finally got down on vile-parle- journey ended!

But as and when time passed I have become more comfortable with local trains now. We all friends have our timings fixed and therefore take appropriate trains and meet each other at the station and go to college together having a gala time. One of my friends- Saloni though being an NRI she loves travelling by train.


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Afifa Qureshi


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