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Love is the most sensitive and emotional aspect of a person’s life. Everyone needs love to feel the relations and their place in our life. A subject called ‘Love’ can never be brought under one roof because it is a very wide and intense area of emotional abstracts. But has the beautiful feeling bestowed by God to us lost its sheen and importance with times? Have the youth made the most important part of their life, “Love”; a joke?? These questions arise every time when a deep thought is give. But unfortunately answers are not known yet.

Love is a feeling that never changes, even though world keeps moving and generations keep coming. But this fact has not remained the same. What is this bf & gf culture? Nowadays boyfriends and girlfriends are being changed as randomly as we change our dresses. Has it become that easy? Or is it that modern youth never understood the true meaning of ‘love’? It’s true that if you are not comfortable with the person, you cannot continue with him for a lifelong relationship. But where does the point of comfort come in ‘love’?

Love is to give the heart and soul to the person whom we love the most and it should be from both the sides. The level of commitment, understanding, trust, emotional attachment, and immense love is what matters in love rather than comforts, ego, ‘chemistry’; compatibility and all and all. The bf & gf culture has become so popular that even school going children have adapted them these days. The modern funda of love is sheer useless and rubbish.

Love happens only once and true love never fades, it remains forever in our life. Whatever the young girls and boys think about the opposite sex is just attraction or illusions and it’s for sure that the young generation has got a lot to know about ‘love’ and the level of involvement and influence it has in our life. And when that understanding would come, the entire world would be a ‘lovely’ place to live in. Till then only make-ups and break-ups will be seen everywhere and this is the main root cause of frequent divorces, break-ups among the youth. Just the ‘understanding level’ matters so much and it needs to be improved a lot and I don’t know when it would happen or will it happen???

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Deepika Murlidhar
Friendly, Adventurous, positive attitude, forward thinking, and most importantly I am proud to be a libran. I love to write poems in marathi, hindi and english.I am planning to do MBA in finance in future. I am here because of my passion of writing articles and sharing my thoughts and I just love this site a lot as it helps students to come out with thier talents and its working on creating a great enthusiasm among students and bringing them under one network to work together. What else can be a good example of first step to revolutionize management education in a broader sense as this. Hats off!!!!! I wish to write articles so that I can reach many of my fellow friends and together we can work upon various aspects that needs our attention a lot especially our motherland India.


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