Mistakes that most of the Companies do!


I would like to share some of marketing mistakes which most of companies makes…

1. Not having a game plan.
2. Not having an organized system in place.
3. Not having a refined market.
4. Not having a refined marketing message.
5. Being passive, not proactive in your marketing.
6. Believing the media hype that “times are tough” and that you should cut back.
7. Lack of customer insights.
8. Lack of product differentiation, only me too thinking.
9. Lack of TIM: Targeting, Integrating, Measuring of activities.
10. Lack of handling the budget effectively (no cost control, product runovers, no plan versus actual).
11. Not looking outside the building to see what competitors have.
12. Not spending the time to understand your customers and what they need.
13. Not thinking big enough.
14. Not being human.
15. Not using common sense.
16. Not creating the right positioning and value propositions based on customer needs and differentiators.
17. Not linking all marketing actions and efforts through the same message and objectives.
18. Forgetting to focus on quality branding.
19. Not conducting intelligent and strategic marketing prior to any tactical and operational marketing.
20. Failing to evaluate and redirect efforts/resources when it makes sense.
21. Getting caught in a rut, not looking for new opportunities to creatively get out your message.
22. Being enslaved by our own fascination of jargon and how jargon or certain fads will help solve the next marketing riddle.
23. Not identifying the most profitable market.
24. Not fully understanding the tangible and intangible needs of your target markets.
25. Lack of relevant differentiation strategy from either a physical product standpoint or emotional benefit.
26. Weak messaging that does not effectively convey product differentiation.
27. Not knowing the business you are marketing.
28. Not understanding the right metrics. ROI is important, but it is not all about ROI.
29. Over promising what marketing can do. In most businesses, personal relationships will be required to close the sale.
30. Re-inventing the wheel instead of using proven methods, plans and initiatives.
31. Copying another company that runs successful marketing campaigns.
32. Trying to out do a competitor, but without proper planning.
33. Applying scatter gun approach.
34. Not measuring results.
35. Company functions are in silos that do not talk. Therefore, the message is muddled.
36. Not having a consistent system in place.
37. Failing to integrate marketing with sales efforts.
38. Failing to target repeat business.
39. Not minding the 3A’s, Availability, Affordability and Acceptability.
40. Not building the brand image.

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