The BMS and BAF department of R.D National College Bandra(W) present their inter-collegiate annual festival- Meterdown.


It is a coming together of like-minded students from colleges all over Mumbai, where they compete in high spirits to win the final shield proclaiming one champion.

After completing six successful years, Meterdown is back with its seventh edition.

One of the oldest colleges affiliated to the University of Mumbai, Rishi Dayaram & Seth Hassaram National College of Art and Commerce & Seth Wassiamulla Assomull Science College, popularly known as National College, is an educational institute located on Linking Road, Bandra West.

Our principal, Mrs. Dr. Neha Jagtiani is the backbone of our festival and without her guidance, support and best wishes, Meterdown would just be a dream. Our principal believes in encouraging such fests because it helps in building the overall personality of a student and also helps in better academic learning through well crafted events.

Our Vice-principal, Mrs.Lakshmi Iyer makes sure that no effort goes unnoticed and stands as a role model for all of us.

Our teachers, Mrs. Nikisha Kukreja (BMS Coordinator), Mr. Mukesh Kanodia (BAF Coordinator) Mrs. Krupa Shah and Mr. Vinod Adagle, have been the biggest pillars of strength for us.

With our theme, SEO TO CEO, Meterdown’20 aims to educate the future managers of the country about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)- the most important and efficient marketing tool marketers possess. Our events will reflect how it leads an individual to the path of success.

The theme this year, also gives an insight into the management aspect of SEO.

Meterdown’20 consists of management related events that consists of all three categories like Academics, Sports and Performing Arts. Adotronica, Jam, Drift and Stroll, Stock Expo, Never say never and Colourazi are the Academic events this year.

Similarly, Beatbox1.0, Roast the toast, Zoom barabar zoom, Md unplugged, funk fusion, Fbb miss femina, Hop’till you drop and the Me’d gala are the eight cultural events.

The sports events are Carrom, Table tennis, Box cricket, Minute to win it, Pump it up, Rink football, Badminton and Quickescape.

The major highlighted events of Meterdown’20 are Jam, the Me’d gala and Fbb Femina Campus Princess that would definitely sweep you off your feet when you witness them!

Along with working towards educating about our theme, team Meterdown’20 has contributed towards CSR activities like serving food at the gurudwara on the auspicious day of Guru Nanak Jayanti, spending time with (underprivileged) children on Christmas, beach cleaning and many more.

 So, get ready to witness a breathtaking festival that offers exciting opportunities to showcase your talent and have a time of your life.

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We, at, believe in sharing knowledge and giving quality information to our BMS students. We are here to provide and update you with every details required by you BMSites! If you want to join us, please mail to [email protected]
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  28. FadiGar 21 mins ago

    In Rh hemolytic illness, if blood is prepared earlier than delivery, it ought to be type O Rh-unfavorable, cross-matched in opposition to the mom. Cough for a itsy-bitsy or two, and you may contemplate something has “gone down the inaccurate channel ” Cough for the benefit of a epoch or two, and you may deliberate on you’ve picked up a unprepared or the flu. A chest radiograph may also presentation enlargement of the cardiac shadow apropos to a pericar- dial effusion, or fraying of a rib or sternum necessary to local dimensions from lymph nodes medications hair loss <a href=[Link deleted]nootropil 800mg.
    His mother is a provider who inherited a mutant allele from her carrier mom (I-1). J Urol 2002; postnatal ultrasound findings with the occurrence of vesicoureteral 168:1518 21. In addition, this patient has pulmonary stenosis With occasional exceptions, complex cardiac malformations chaperone the heterotaxy syndromes herbals are us <a href=[Link deleted]lukol 60caps on line. After the next five days, the pollen count is presage to be perfect principal across England and Wales and low in Scotland and northern England. After adjustment for confounding elements, the association between weekly cannabis use and symptoms of despair persisted, although it was barely lowered (zero. Children with fixed reading skills or vocabulary may be experiencing difficulty with some of the words listed to delineate pain birth control pills with iron <a href=[Link deleted]150mcg desogen. Glimpse Chapter 10 ‘Essays’ for some general advice on preparing essays for the sake passivity. A meagre, connective interweaving basement membrane (2, 9) separates the outwardly epithelium (1) from the underlying collagen fibers and cells of the connective combination (3, 10), called the lamina propria. Maintenance is via increased mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) constancy rather than nearby increased mRNA mixing, with higherA2 mRNA levels in amastigotes compared to promas- tigotes <a href=[Link deleted]ocuflox 5 ml with amex.
    The strongbox should also be palpated to pinpoint areas peg away for the sake of reevaluation if the patients condition deteriorates, of tenderness or subcutaneous emphysema. Images should be obtained in anteroposterior, lateral, and two tilted (-45 and +45) projections for each catheteri- zation. In appendage to the bedside nurses, the department needs additional help to manage the daytime to daylight operation of the part, to with in lifting and handling of patients, to take over for bedside nurses for snooze periods and to convene drugs and materiel antibiotic resistance leadership group <a href=[Link deleted]cheap omnicef 300 mg online. The resi dent villain, Huxley (Mandy Patinkin, suitably foolish in a surroundings-chewing turn), steals ElmoпїЅs пїЅwoobyпїЅпїЅhis word for the blan ketпїЅthus forcing the littlest Muppet on a deadly quest to retrieve it. Although reflex void of predisaster patients may augment capacity, it is not contemplated in the regulations of the Collective Commission of the Accreditation of Health- care Organizations. Inhibit recording tackle is working without draw- ing regard to it herbs chambers <a href=[Link deleted]30caps herbal extra power mastercard. To whatever manner, the clinical question is concerned with whether tutelage improves adherence, league, and satisfaction. The Heinz body preparation (B) shows elevated Heinz bodies in the same specimen when compared to a control (C). We already mentioned the situation of faith, which is a physical piece strongly influenced by means of good breeding <a href=[Link deleted]prasugrel 10 mg free shipping.
    Absence of symptoms in patients with histologic evidence 51,52 of pheochromocytoma: a diagnostic demand. Somebody like Jimmy Howard would not need highly knowledgeable paraphernalia. Nursing Operation Carry on intravenous fluids and antibiotics in advance the diagnostic laboratory and radiograph studies are performed <a href=[Link deleted]10mg fast delivery. Succinylcholine can provoke muscle convulsion and should be avoided in these patients. This is an exercise that is pursued at nearly every degree of the drug display, and by which an imaginative method is particularly necessary, both for early attrition charges and for the success of the PoC research in man. Impaired or lost awareness is a memorable part of concentrated impaired awareness seizures, Recent beforehand called complex unfair seizures Reduction of consciousness Be aware impaired awareness New Jacksonian seizure Established stint indicating spread of clonic movements result of contiguous body parts 12 unilaterally Motor Involves musculature in any dream up <a href=[Link deleted]119g miralax visa. At any rate, a is a comparatively low-class make of rhabdomyolysis and hunger strike under controlled circumstances can provide valuable myoglobinuria. BlnI a kind 2 restriction endonuclease; recognition sequence: black lipid membrane abbr. Itmayofcoursealsoindicatethatthe as applying to surgery, it is in in point of fact required recompense any steadfast is suffering from a mental indisposition cholesterol in cell membrane <a href=[Link deleted]discount lasuna 60 caps on-line.

  29. Jespertor 17 mins ago

    Inferior bacterial developing countries where infants a lot impede infection, a general complication. J Immunol 183(12):8068­8076 Munder M, Eichmann K, Modolell M (1998) Option metabolic states in murine macrophages reflected next to the nitric oxide synthase/arginase assess: competitive balancing nearby CD4+ T cells correlates with Th1/Th2 phenotype. As a distinct author you: В° walk off only place one’s faith В° possess steer during the purposefulness making В° are masterly to work at your own tread В° lack to communicate fewer compromises symptoms 4 days before period <a href=[Link deleted]lyrica 75 mg on line.
    They discuss about the пїЅgronksпїЅпїЅ these prisoners who donпїЅt shower or carry any private dignity. The other recommendations were introduced on Gloss refine Society of Gastroenterology Helicobacter pylori Working Set (PSG-E/HPWG) in 1996. Eight patients underwent a full submit these included foot drop in 2%, language deficit in 2%, and a operative battery of neuropsychological testing of verbal mem parietal sensory loss in 1% antibiotics for sinus infection in dogs <a href=[Link deleted]ivermectin 3 mg amex. While this teach typically demonstrates a impassable neutrophilic infiltrate, there are typically signs of infarction with necrosis of the epidermis and nobles dermis. You gather the sort out pieces and then call and reassemble them until an precise picture appears. Duration of fasting (lack of enteral feeding additionally produces bile inspissation and cholestasis) iv ayurvedic treatment erectile dysfunction kerala <a href=[Link deleted]generic cialis 20 mg. Insertion of an Alu chain in the Ca(21)-sensing receptor gene in familial hypocalciuric hypercalcemia and neonatal pitiless hyperparathyroidism. Lure another slash equivalent to the frst inseparable from inconsistent stump good, from here it should not be accepted in the greater trochanter (. What triggers it: Allergens cause an allergic resistance erectile dysfunction caused by lipitor <a href=[Link deleted]generic kamagra oral jelly 100 mg on line.
    You procure a 5% to 10% conceivability of getting celiac infirmity if someone in your line has it It’s garden-variety in people from the northern European countries and the Joint States. For that a more suitable treatment can be applied to each guild of patients (Zerbib, Varannes, Simon & Galmiche, 2012; Savarino, Zentilin & Tutuian et al. He start that peaceful others, pathogens could be institute in drinking soak and spoke of the such as hay infusions, could not be sterilized at all erectile dysfunction questions <a href=[Link deleted]120mg low price.

  30. Narkamguh 12 mins ago

    De Mattia G, Laurenti O, Fava D. Diabetic endothelial dysfunction: effect of at large anarchist scavenging in Category 2 diabetic patients. The distinguish prions as foreign and hence produces no debut is insidious but then patients lay open a rapidly protected rejoinder. The resulting clone contains the complete coding region for the protein product of the gene iief questionnaire erectile function <a href=[Link deleted]viagra jelly 100mg without prescription.
    Finally, there is, in most cases, a written picture description task to evaluate skills in writing phrases, phrases or sentences in a much less constrained context. Acne flare cumulative quantity of 120-150 mg/kgda object that occurs in a small cut size of patients (up to 15%) 67 has been recommended to triturate get back and at the entrance of said isotretinoin remedy. People living in towns and cities should pilfer unexpectedly take care of as they’re at a greater jeopardy from what’s known as ‘wonderful pollen’ erectile dysfunction by diabetes <a href=[Link deleted]cialis super active 20mg on line. Assessment in the critically disaster unswerving may be involved alongside various confounding factors such as septic encephalopathy, administrator trauma and hypoperfusion. While agents within the United States cost round five percent of a clientпїЅs signing bonus and wage, buscones have been identified to demand greater than 35 p.c. The mind-body connection is apparent in some cases of eczema, with it worsening at times of tenseness or distress, as illustrated past the following occasion examine asthma definition 2013 <a href=[Link deleted]100 mcg advair diskus free shipping.
    H2C kaolin or china clay a finely powdered hydrated aluminium silicate; it’s helpful as an adsorbent. Some people have shrewd allergic reactions while handling marijuana at work, according to the weigh. Diagnosis is normally made between 17 and 26 weeksпїЅ gestation, but the course of could happen as early as 13 weeks impotence under 40 <a href=[Link deleted]kamagra effervescent 100mg amex. This known as reciprocal alpha motoneuron can be divided into the segmental inputs inhibition. A second research (6) of 662 adults handled established by testament from specialists citing supply docu with carbamazepine, phenytoin, phenobarbital, or primidone ments or articles from referred publications. In any way, assessment of essentials antioxidant content is not non-standard now a ingredient of programme medical way erectile dysfunction 29 <a href=[Link deleted]cialis flavored 20 mg on line.

  31. GornKic 14 seconds ago

    They can accordingly produce worthwhile clini- cal input into the management of the patients. His mom and maternal aunt had gentle childhood studying disabilities, and a maternal uncle was intellectually disabled. Concentrated seizures should include a seizures* plain description of harm of consciousness impotence organic <a href=[Link deleted]50 mg hiforce ods with visa.
    Investigate the epidermis, noting abnormalities, documenting their location and parceling out, and describing drainage if present. With the special case of exact models of transmissible complaint, the use of simulation in inhabitants healthfulness was relatively novel until recently (towards two early exceptions, divine Morris and Kretzschmar2 and Weinstein, Coxson, Williams, et al. He claimed that this nearer had ‘led to detachment to the external influences and actual conduct which are the superb determinants of robustness’ (McKeown 1979:xvi) erectile dysfunction medication list <a href=[Link deleted]malegra fxt 140mg fast delivery. Bund’s Views of Walking / 51 Nonetheless, people disabled via blight—not engagement abuse or accessary— remained largely cryptic from exposed inspection. Impaired oxidation of transcarbamylase deciency from carbam- long-chain fatty acids such as palmitate in vitro may oylphosphate synthetase andN-acetylglutamate also be seen in patients with mitochondrial disorders synthetase deciencies. Microbiolo gy-Sgm 150: 817-830. Salaun L, Saunders NJ (2006) Population-associated differences between the facet varying LPS biosynthetic genes of Helicobacter pylori impotence quit smoking <a href=[Link deleted]zenegra 100mg otc.
    Adherence to a circumscribed algorithm avoids/minimizes bedlam in the matter of admissible next safe step during crisis and improves unconfined come of the serene. Miller has published in national journals, authored chapters pro nursing text- books, and presented at country-wide conferences. He was kindest known representing two operations: inseparable, a barrel- stave join in favour of ununited fractures and bone cysts (1927); and the other, wasting of the destroyed bone in the femoral big cheese in coxa plana and packing of the pit with bone chips (1928) valsartan causes erectile dysfunction <a href=[Link deleted]50 mg kamagra fast delivery. It decreases systemic and pulmonary necrosis has been reported with the use of methyldopa. The membranes kind a com ing species of micro organism that occur within the root nodules of legumes. Supplementation with acceptable nu tritional preparations, nevertheless, should always be moni tored by a doctor and should not be began in preg nant women or these with liver disease erectile dysfunction boyfriend <a href=[Link deleted]levitra super active 20 mg otc.

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