Fill in the blanks of the following sentences using the most appropriate word or words from among the options given for each.



11. Simple arithmetic tells us that there is more ___________ than ___________

(a) imitation, innovation.

(b) improvisation, improvement.

(c) impracticality, knowledge

(d) improbability, probability.


12. As a step towards protesting against the spiralling prices, the farmers have decided to stage a picket in an effort to ___________

(a) show their virility.

(b) make themselves heard.

(c) curb the prices

(d) topple the government


13. Science is a sort of news agency comparable ___________ to other news agencies.

(a) principally.

(b) in principle

(c) in principal

(d) in spirit and form


14. Most political leaders acquire their position by causing a large number of people to believe that these leaders are  ___________ by altruistic desires.

(a) actuated.

(b) convinced.

(c) categorized.

(d) led.


15. Every one will admit that swindling one’s fellow beings is a necessary practice; upon it is based the really sound commercial success formula – ___________

(a) sell what you cannot buy back.

(b) buy what you will sell to another at a higher price.

(c) buy cheap and sell dear.

(d) sell what you can, do not buy from a competitor.



11 (a)
12 (b)
13 (b)
14 (a)
15 (c)

11. This is the only pair of words that fits in without creating any contradictions.

12. The farmers are protesting and want their voice to be heard.

13. In terms of general rules, Science as a news agency, is comparable to other news agencies.

14. ‘Actuated’ means motivated.

15. ‘Buy cheap and sell dear’ is the only option that will, without any doubt, lead to a commercial success.

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