Logistics Management Prelims Question Paper 2015


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TIME: 2.5 HOUR                    PRELIMINARY EXAMS MARKS: 75


Q.1.  Explain the following concepts                                                  (10 Marks)

(a) Bull Whip Effect

(b) Re – Engineering

(c) Reverse Logistics

(d) Supply Chain Management

(e) Logistics Management

Q.2. Explain in brief the components/factors of customer service?  ( 5 Marks )


Q.2. What is 7R Rule ? Explain in brief.                                                                     ( 5 Marks )

Q.3. Briefly explain about the types of warehouse & what are the advantages of public

Warehouse ?                                                                                                   (10 Marks)

Q.4. (a) Explain in brief various costs associated with transportation.                       (5 Marks)


(a) What is Packaging & What are the functions of Packaging?                               (5 Marks)

Q.5  Define EOQ. State its Assumptions & Limitations.                                            (10 Marks)

Q.6(a) What is Quadrant Technique? Explain with an illustrative diagram.               (5 Marks)


Write Short notes on the following         (Any 1)                                                         (5 Marks)

(a) Primary Activities of Logistics Information System (LIS)

(b) Symptoms of poor Inventory Management

(c) Importance of Logistics Information System (LIS)

Q.7. What are the different methods/types of Selective Control on Inventory? Explain each

one very briefly.                                                                                                          (10 Marks)

Q.8Write Short notes on the following (Any 1)                                                           (5 Marks)

(a) Benefits of Palletisation

(b) Load Planning

(c) Problems faced by Road Transport


  1. a) Explain in brief various costs associated with transportation. (5 Marks)


Q.9 Case Study:                                                                                                         (15Marks)

M/S Excellent Dashboard Private Limited (EDPL) is situated at Gurgaon near Delhi. The company supplies dashboard assembly as a 4PL supplier to MarutiUdyog Limited (MUL) since past 3 Yrs. There are number of components in the dashboard like speedometer, level gauge, etc. EDPL purchases these individual components from various suppliers & assembles them at their works for onwards supply to MUL.

One of the major components namely “starter switch” is always the problem. Since the EDPL does not observe any systematic inventory control methods in their purchasing activities. They just order the quantity as & when the demand arises. As this product is not available off the shelf, many a times delays occur in arranging for assembled dashboard to MUL. This in turn results in to a financial loss to EDPL due to penalties imposed by MUL as per the agreement, towards delays in supply of Dashboard Assembly.

The information gathered from EDPL shows that the annual demand of the item, starter switch is 5000 nos. The unit Price of the item is Rs 50 each. The inventory carrying cost & ordering cost is 20% &Rs 40 per order respectively.


1) Explain the role of 4PL in above case?

2) How EDPL can avoid Financial Penalties imposed by MUL?

3) Calculate EOQ (Economic order Quantity) for the item under reference, by using the available information?






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