Love is Divine

Love is divine as it is the pure beautiful feeling which arises for the person due to certain exceptional qualities having in them, this beautiful feeling of love can be felt and enjoyed, world would not exist without love, life without love is like flower without colour and fragrance, It is a divine feeling which every person would like to enjoy. Love is  beauty, purity, sacrifice ,devotion ,respect ,caring, trust and great deal of understanding., to make love one’s feel happy and joyful,various attractive and amazing gifts can be given to them on various occasion like birthday, valentine’s day, anniversary etc. 

Jewellery is the aesthetic beauty, as it is made of gold, sliver, platinum, pearls, diamonds, gemstones etc which adds beauty to it. Women are very fond of ornaments in the form of ring, bracelet, chain, necklace, pendant etc, gifting this lovely ornaments in any form is the best gift given to the loved ones, and it also enhances the beauty of pure relationship as to how this jewellery shines, bright and adds beauty. Gifting jewellery to the loved ones develops healthy relationship. It is not only for the gift but it the way of expressing feelings, emotions which just cannot be put into words; it is also a commitment and promise given to the loved ones in the form of gift. It is the true feelings which are revealed out. Gifting jewellery in any relationship be it friendship, husband and wife, brother and sister etc. It is a sign of being in love and caring towards that person, and also insists that the loved one’s live life, full of happiness and joy.

The beautiful jewellery gift is a sign of fortune and good luck, In engagement ,wedding ,anniversary of the loved ones, jewellery is given a lot of importance especially in Indian culture, because it a sign of good health ,wealth and lifelong happiness. On auspicious days of Hindu festival like Dantheras, Dushera, Gudipadwa etc. It is gifted to the loved ones as it leads life full of happiness and joy. Gemstones like ruby, sapphire etc is given great deal of importance as it denotes nine planets which plays a very important role in our life as its ruling affects us .The precious gemstones protects from evils and leads to prosperous life. Astrology gives great deal of importance to gemstones, so to protect our loved ones and to bring happiness in their life, jewellery is the best gift.

         Summing up

So gifting jewellery made of gold, silver, platinum, pearls, gemstones etc. to the loved ones creates happiness and joy and love among each other, It reveals true feeling and emotions towards loved ones, jewellery made of divine symbols like Aim, Swastic, Trishul, Sun etc generates positivity in the person’s life, so do gift jewellery to the loved ones ,because it creates positivity. So do gift the lovely jewellery to your special one’s  and that special person will be completely yours.


                – By Rachana Mehta


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