Interview with Ranjit Kaur Sahota, BMS Campus Rockstar, G.N. Khalsa College




5 interesting things about yourself. 

  • Achievements : Won first price in Paanchbazaar, participated in various events at intra-collegiate level.
  •  Skills/Knowledge : Marketing, Sales, HR, teaching and psychological counselling. (through internship)
  •  Aim in life : To be a successful woman entrepreneur.
  • Future plans : MBA from Foreign University.
  • Hobbies : Exploring new things, watching detective/spy movies for sharpening up my Analytical skills.
  • Dislikes :  I don’t like to waste my time.


5 fantastic things about your bms life.

  • Positive and negative things about your college. – Positive: Excellent faculty, Negative: too Strict for only BMS
  • Positive and negative things about BMS course. – Positive: boost our self confidence. Negative: changing rules of MU & 7 subjects in 6th sem.
  •  How has bms course helped you to develop your personality – It helped me in getting things like : 1) self confidence, 2) improved vocabulary. 3) how to deal with people in business world.
  • Changes you would like to make in the course – As per me, for 6th semester also it should have bifurcation like Marketing & Finance.
  •  Your fav bms / college memories : BMS college fest (Paanchbazaar)


3 amazing tips to youngsters/juniors?

– Enjoy the study

– During exams don’t prepare anything new, just revise what you have already done.

– Make sure that you attend as many lectures as you can.


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