Interview with Fazar Sharif, SYBMS Student, J.M. Patel College


By Neil Dsouza



Tell us about yourself

I like to play cricket. Hanging with out with friends. I don’t like to study.


Tell us about your college

My college is very good in respect to studies. My favourite teachers are Ms. Jui and Ms Nazia. My happiest moment was when I got my first paycheck after doing an internship with Wechat.


When did you join BMS Which year you are in? What inspired you to choose BMS  and not any other course?

I have chosen B.M.S. to be a businessman because this is related to business from top to bottom.


According to you, what is  BMS  all about? As a student, what changes would you like to bring in Indian education system?

B.m.s. teaches us business from all aspects i.e. local, state, co-operative, rural, domestic and international market. As a student I would like the education system to be more practical


Who in your life has influenced the most?

My mother has influenced me the most in my life. Whenever I am in difficulty my mother always helps me.


What would you advice someone planning to do BMS ?

I would tell them that it is a totally innovative course. It teaches us everything right from accounts to banking.


3 Questions you would like to ask an MBA?

How was your experience of pursuing mba?

Which field of mba, did you specalise in?

By doing mba how has it benefitted you?


What are your future plans? (Your ambitions)

My future plan is to firstly gain experience working in a reputed company and then become an entrepreneur by starting my own business.


Your feedback for

I really enjoyed this interview. I like the questionnaire as it has created an innovative thinking in my mind.

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I am working to complete this internship and also to lay a good foundation for my future. I like reading books, surfing the net, talking to friends.

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