International Marketing Sample Question Paper 4


Q. 1) Explain in detail about SAARC, NAFTA and EU – 15 marks.




Q. 1) Discuss the strategies for Globalisation – 15 marks.



Q. 2) a) Explain the various issues that need to be considered by an international business organization while studying the political environment of a country. – 8 marks.


b) Explain the relevance of business ethics in context of international marketing – 7 marks.





Q. 2) Distinguish between Domestic marketing and international marketing – 15 marks.



Q. 3) Write an explanatory note of Infosys Technologies Ltd. – 15 marks.




Q. 3) Explain the merits and demerits of MNCs. – 15 marks.




Q. 4) What is global promotion and explain how global promotion is undertaken? – 15 marks.




Q. 4) Write short notes on : – 15 marks

a) Broad market strategies



b) Dumping



c) Public Relations.


What do you mean by Public Relations?

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