Chapter 1 – International Marketing



Q.1. Concept Questions –

1. International marketing (April, 2011)

2. Domestic Marketing

3. Global Cultural Exchange

4. Global Competition



Q.2. Write Short Notes :-

1. Needs of International Marketing

2. Advantage of International Marketing

3. Problems of International Marketing

4. International Mrktg. Vs Domestic Marketing (Oct, 2012)



Q.3. Long Questions:-

1.   Explain International Marketing and its advantages ( April, 2012)

2.   Explain the features of International marketing.

3.   State the importance of International Marketing in the current economic scenario.

4.   What are the basis of International trade? Discuss the theory of comparative cost.

5.  Explain classical theory of international trade?


Chapter 2 – International Business Environment I


Q.1. Concept Questions –

1. Trade Barrier

2. Tariff barrier

3. Non Tariff barrier

4. Dumping

5. Trading Block (April, 2011, Oct, 2012)

6. European Union (EU)


Q.2. Write Short Notes –

1. Types of trade barrier

2. Effect of trade barrier on international trade

3. types of trading blocs

4. Component of International Business Env.


Q.3. Long Questions

1.   What is International Business Environment? Explain the factor affecting IBE?(Oct, 2012)

2.   What are the trade barrier and explain in details various forms of trade barrier (April, 2011)

3.   Explain the growing Intra regional trade.

4.   Explain the positive and negative effects of trading blocs in international marketing.(Oct, 11)

5.   “ Trading blocs creates obstacles to free international trade “Critically examine the statement.


Chapter 3 International Business Environment II


Q.1. Concept Questions –

1. WTO

2. Trade Liberalization

3. MNC(April, 12)

4. FDI (Oct, 11, April, 12)


Q.2. Write Short Notes on –

1. WTO and Trade liberalization

2. Role of MNC in International Trade (April, 12)

3. Function of WTO

  1. Role of FDI


Q.3. Long Questions –

  1. What are the objectives of WTO.

2.   Explain the functions and achievement of WTO’s todays scenarios.

  1. Discuss the role of Multinational (MNCs) in International trade with examples (Oct, 2011)
  2. What is FDI? Explain the role in International trade.

Chapter 4 – Product Packing


Q.1. Concept Questions –

1. Transport packing (April, 2012)

2. Packaging (Oct, 12)

3. Labelling

4. Reusable value


6. IIP (Indian Institute of Packaging)


Q.2. Write Short Notes on –

1. Needs and Essential of good packaging(April,12)

2. Role of IIP

3. Problem of Product packaging


Q.3. Long Questions –

1.   What are the factors for package design in International markets? (April, 12)

2.   What are the essential of good packaging (April, 2011)


Justifying the increasing emphasis on packaging of goods for international marketing.(oct,11)

3.   What is the main functions of IIP?

4.   Explain the role of Indian Institute of packaging in International Marketing. (Oct, 2012)


Chapter 5 – Overseas Distributions Channels


Q.1. Concept Questions

1. Direct Channels

2. Export Channel System

3. Export Merchant

4. Export Brokers


Q.2. Write Short Notes on –

1. Types of Foreign Intermediaries (Oct,12)

2. Overseas Distribution Channel

3. Factor influencing selection of distribution



Q.3. Long Answer –

1.  What is meant by overseas distribution channels? State the distribution channel available for


  1. Describe the different types of foreign intermediaries.


Chapter 6 – Pricing Policy in International Markets


Q.1. Concept Questions –

1. Export pricing

2. Marginal Cost pricing (Oct, 2011)

3. Skimming Pricing Strategy

4. Penetration pricing strategy

5. Counter Trade (April, 2011)

6. INCOTERM 2000 (April, 2011)

7. Transfer Pricing Strategy

8. Break Even price


Q.2. Write Short Notes on –

1. Objectives of Export pricing

2. Break Even pricing (Oct, 12)

3. Importance of Export pricing


Q.3. Long Questions –

1.   What are the factors affecting export pricing and explain them. OR

Discuss the factor influencing pricing policy.

As a manager, what factor would you consider to determine price? (Oct, 12)

  1. Explain the types of export pricing strategies.
  2. Write the role of non price factor in pricing decisions in International marketing. (April, 11)
  3. State the different types of export incentives and their impact on export pricing.



Chapter 7 – Export Assistance and Incentives


Q.1. Concept Questions –

1. Blanket permits (April, 2011)

2. MODVAT (Oct, 2011)

3. Deemed Export

4. IRMAC Scheme


6. Duty Draw back




Q.2. Write Short Notes on –

1. Export Assistance and incentives

2. VAT (April, 2011)

3. IRMAC (Oct, 2011)

4. Special Import Licenses


Q.3. Long Questions –

1.  Explain the Export Incentives available to Indian Exporter.

2.  Benefit of Export Assistance and Incentives.


Chapter 8 – Overseas Market Selection I


Q.1. Concept Questions –

1. Direct Exporting (April, 2012)

2. Indirect exporting

3. Franchising

4. Contract Manufacturing (Oct, 2011)

5. Embargoes

6. Quotas

7. FDI (Oct, 2011, April, 2012)

8. Trunkey projects

9. Parameters

10. Joint Venture


Q.2. Write short notes on –

1. Collaboration (Oct, 11)

2. Benefit of Collaborations

3. Market Selection Process

4. Licensing


Q.3. Long Questions –

1.   What is Direct Exporting? Explain its advantages and disadvantages.

2.   What is Indirect Exporting? Explain its advantages and disadvantages.

3.   Explain the Constraints in entering in some global market markets / territories. (April, 2011)

4.   Explain the market Selection process

5.   Explain the objectives of entering into International market.


Chapter 9 – Overseas Market Selection II


Q.1. Concept Questions –

1. Market Segmentation (Oct, 12)

2. Demographic Segmentation (Oct, 11)

3. Heterogeneity segmentation

4. Geographical Segmentation (Oct,11)


Q.2. Write Short Notes on –

1. Factor influencing Market segmentation

2. Steps in Segmenting markets

3. Characteristic of Market Segmentation



Q.3. Long Questions –

1.   Bases of Segmentation based on Market profile.

2.   What are the Requirement of a good market segmentation

3.   What are the advantages and disadvantages of International Market segmentation.



AUTHOR – Kale and Ahmed






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