47.5 or 40 27.5 or 35

Q1. Attempt any two:

  • a. Theory
  • b. Theory
  • c. Practical

Q2. Attempt any two:

  • a. Practical
  • b. Practical
  • c. Theory

Q3. Attempt any two:

  • a. Theory
  • b. Theory
  • c. Theory

Q4. Attempt any two:

  • a. Theory
  • b. Theory
  • c. Theory or Practical (Capital Budgeting)

Q5. Case study:

  • 5 marks Practical


  • 1. Scope/Importance and Challenges of IF (Not Important)
  • 2. BoP Components and BoP Identity
  • 3. Accomodating vs Autonomous Transactions
  • 4. Depreciation vs Devaluation
  • 5. Gold Standard vs Bretton Woods System
  • 6. Reasons for collapse of Bretton Woods and Smithsonian Agreement
  • 7. Fixed vs Flexible system – Advantages
  • 8. European Monetary System
  • 9. Factors affecting exchange rates
  • 10. Present Exchnage rates in different parts of the world (Read)
  • 11. Nostro Vostro LORO


  • 1. Currency Options in the Forex Markets
  • 2. Hedging and Speculation with Interest Rate Futures
  • 3. Methods of Forecasting Exchange Rates
  • 4. Technical Approach in Exchange Rate Mechanism
  • 5. Participants in Forex Markets
  • 6. PPP and CIP Theory (Fisher Effect) (Read)
  • 7. Structure of Forex Market


  • 1. Origin and Characteristics of Euro Currency Markets
  • 2. Types of Instruments/Bonds in Euro Market
  • 3. Note on Advantages of Offshore Banking (Eurobanks). What are its regulations?
  • 4. ADR, GDR and IDR – Types, Advantages
  • 5. Types of Investment Risk
  • 6. FII vs FDI
  • 7. FEDAI
  • 8. FERA vs FEMA
  • 9. Role and Qualities of Forex Manager (Broker)
  • 10. Explain Cashflow at Subsidiary and Parent Company
  • 11.What is Repatriation of profits? What is the procedure for an MNC to repatriate profits outside India?


  • 1. Types of Risk in Forex Markets
  • 2. How to manage Risk in Forex
  • 3. Explain Portfolio Management in Forex Assets
  • 4. Explain Tax Havens
  • 5. What are the benefits of doing International Business
  • 6. What is tax liability? How do countries reduce it?
  • 7. Steps in International Project Appraisal
  • 8. Options Approach to Project Appraisal
  • 9. Types of International Taxation and its Objectives


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