International Finance Important Question Bank – MT UVA BMS


Theory Questions:

Concepts – 

  1. FIAT currencies
  2. NOSTRO accounts
  3. VOSTRO accounts
  4. LORO accounts
  5. Devaluation / Depreciation of Exchange Rate
  6. Vehicle currency
  7. Cross rate
  8. Arbitrage
  9. Speculation
  10. Trading
  11. Holgate’s  Principle
  12. Purchasing Power Parity Theory (ppp)
  13. Crawling Peg Mechanism
  14. Triffins Paradox
  15. Clean Float/ Free Float
  16. Junk Bonds
  17. Zero Coupon Bond
  18. Forward Contract
  19. GDR
  20. ADR
  21. Participatory Notes
  22. Authorized Dealer
  23. Currency Convertibility
  24. Hedging Process
  25. Call Option
  26. Put Option
  27. Intrinsic Value
  28. Time Value
  29. NDF (Non deliverable Forwards)

Long Answers:

1. Detailed outline of BOP statement & subject accounts?

2. Explain the features of GOLD Standard & give its advantaged and disadvantages?

3. Enumerate the features of BRETTON WOODS system & explain its failures?

4. What is Euro Currency Market? What factors Have contributed to its growth?

5. Trace the origin of tax haven and factors contributing to their Growth?

Explain Foreign Exchange Dealers Association of India & its features?

7. Explain BIS and its features ?

8. Explain the feature of FCEB scheme ? (Foreign Currency Exchangeable  Bonds)

9. Write a note on the origin and reasons for growth of euro – currency market?

10. Explain the factors that determine rate of exchange?

11. Explain FEDAI and its main Function ?


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