Q1. Attempt any two:

  • a. Theory
  • b. Theory
  • Practical (Factoring)

Q2. Attempt any two:

  • a. Theory
  • b. Theory
  • c. Theory

Q3. Attempt any two:

  • a. Theory
  • b. Theory
  • c. Practical (hire purchase)

Q4. Attempt any two:

  • a. Theory
  • b. Theory
  • c. Theory

Q5. Case study:

  • Consumer Finance, Plastic Money (Unit IV)


  • 1. Financial services – Functions, Characteristics, Classification
  • 2. Growth of Financial Services and Problems in Financial Services Sector
  • 3. What are NBFCs? Functions. How are they different from banking companies?
  • 4. Explain Factoring and its types – advantages and disadvantages
  • 5. Explain forfeiting and its advantages and disadvantages and its working.
  • 6. Distinguish between Factoring and Forfeiting.
  • 6. Bill Discounting – Types and Framework/Process and Schemes
  • 7. Factoring vs Bill Discounting


  • 1. Explain Merchants Bankers, Underwriters, Banks to issue and Brokers to issue – Functions, Importance/Role of all.
  • 2. Stock Brokers, Trading and Clearing/Self Clearing Members, Stock Trading (Cash and Normal) Derivative Trading,
  • 3. Registration of Stock Brokers and Sub Brokers
  • 4. What is securitization – Features, Benefits, Process, Risks
  • 5. Concepts : PTCs, PTSs, Preferred Stock, Asset Based CP
  • 5. Securitization vs Factoring
  • 6. What are Special Purpose Vehicles – Features


  • 1. Lease – Types – Advantages and Disadvantages
  • 2. Hire Purchase – Features, Advantages, Problems of HP
  • 3. Housing Finance Industry in India – Growth Factors and Issues
  • 4. National Housing Bank
  • 5. Sources of Funds
  • 6. Asset Liability Management strategies in Housing finance
  • 7. Housing Finance Agencies
  • 8. Venture Capital – Features, Role, Types, Process, Advantages, Disadvantages
  • 9. Scenario of VC in India
  • 10. Finance vs Operating Lease


  • (FULL)
  • 1. Consumer Finance – Sources, Types, Mechanics, Pricing
  • 2. Consumer Finance in India and For and against
  • 3. Marketing and Insurance of Consumer Finance and Credit Scoring
  • 4. Plastics Money – Growth, Types, Features, Benefits, Dangers
  • 5. Prevention of frauds and misuse
  • 6. Consumer Protection and Indian Scenario
  • 7. Credit Rating – Features, Advantages, Limitations
  • 8. Regulatory Framework or CRA
  • 9. CRAs in India
  • 10. Credit Rating Process and Symbols
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