Influence Of Online Social Network On Youth


Online Social Network On Youth

“Hey, are you on orkut? Give me your facebook id yaar? Hey, I have sent request, please accept kar re! The photos that you uploaded are mind blowing! Hey, do you know that ‘Batliboy’, he sent me the request! Ofcourse, I rejected!”

These are some of the many statements that we young people make every now and then. It has all become a part and parcel of our college life. Oops! Our life as a whole! There’s no age limit left now! Every nook and corner of this world has become a ‘network’.

Wanna get new friends, join the social networking sites and there are millions! It’s not just making new friends, its finding the missed ones too! Scrapping, tweeting, writing comments, joining communities, writing blogs, etc etc etc… there’s no end, no limit to the various activities that go on in social networking.

We just forget eating meals, completing assignments, talking to parents, studying for tests, doing household chores and most importantly going to college or schools on time. But we shall never forget to connect to those million friends and chat with them all day, do all the crap which for parents and others it may sound ‘waste of time’; but for us it’s our whole of time.

Even I am one of you, so I don’t want to talk of ‘youth’ as a big elder. That’s why I have been referring “we” throughout the start.
I truly believe that the influence that social networking has on us, is somewhat positive and somewhat negative. Through social networking we get to know many people, we can learn new things online, work for a good cause. Connect to people of similar ideas and create a community and work on it, spread the ideas and share with each other. The list is never ending and it’s all because of social networking.
But at the same time, it’s being misused by many to defame others, put up ugly photos and degrade Indian culture, carry out religious bias and so on. Social networking should form the basis for national integration and unity. It shouldn’t be misused for any personal rivals or political interests. Use it for good to throw out the bad! Let’s wake up friends and turn social networking to a national unity drive!

One for all and all for one! JAI HIND!

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Deepika Murlidhar
Friendly, Adventurous, positive attitude, forward thinking, and most importantly I am proud to be a libran. I love to write poems in marathi, hindi and english.I am planning to do MBA in finance in future. I am here because of my passion of writing articles and sharing my thoughts and I just love this site a lot as it helps students to come out with thier talents and its working on creating a great enthusiasm among students and bringing them under one network to work together. What else can be a good example of first step to revolutionize management education in a broader sense as this. Hats off!!!!! I wish to write articles so that I can reach many of my fellow friends and together we can work upon various aspects that needs our attention a lot especially our motherland India.


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