When glass breaks it just makes sound wherein when a heart break you cannot hear the sound but one can feel the pain really badly. Due to which many of us are afraid to even fall in love or even think about it.We can bare everything that happens with us except losing our loved ones and getting hurt by them

We want to be with the person who loves us and live up on each of his promise and remain with us till our last breath .But there is quite a lot of possibility we might end up with wrong person and get heartbreak. There are many among us who have the courage to handle them but even then are many among us who cannot handle all this. So we think that the best for us is not to date anybody rather remain single.

If you ask some people why you aren’t dating then they have just one answer I am not ready for it.Let us analyse their reasons for not dating….

  1. I need more time

There is quite a possibility then a person is not prepared yet to get some person in his/her life. He/she needs more time to make place for someone else in their life.


  1. I want to concentrate on my career

There are many of us who feel that if we are in a relationship we will not be able to concentrate on studies. We might get so involved with the person that our career might not remain on track.


  1. I fear heartbreaks

Many of us are scared that what if we are in relationship and the person will leave us and go. What if something goes wrong? Will I be able to cope up with a pain of breakup?


  1. I have seen bad experiences

We have seen and heard of many marriages and relationship that have ended on a very bitter note. So it is somewhere fixed in our mind that the same thing might happen with us. We feel that if it happened with our closed one’s it will happen with us too. We do not want to take a chance as we mostly believe and we are confident it will happen with us.


  1. I cannot trust anybody

There are many of us who find it difficult to trust people easily. There are many of us due to the worse conditions in marriage and love and having seen bad experiences you do not trust anybody.


Even though there are reason but we shouldn’t fear to take chances as without risk nothing comes to us. Like there is good and bad we should keep faith in ourselves and give our self a chance. AS everyone is not lucky to find true love, so if you find one do not say no it.

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