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Being student is not an easy task. The things students go through is huge and they are always on the stepping stones to success. Success is still far and the ladder is never ending. Aspiring throughout perfectly and always giving the best shot is very strenuous. Dealing with studies, homework, assignments, internals, teachers, college life, friends, family, goals, dreams and the never ending list is sad. The studies won’t let you sleep, there will never be more hours in the day, family and academic responsibilities will be demanding always. Stress always surrounds our life and we need to manage it. Managing stress is not difficult as we think. But it is very important. It’s all about taking charge of our emotions, thoughts, schedule and the way we deal with problems. Compressing stress and being happy cures our academic life. The plan works properly. The weekend seems to be happy instead of summing up with pending studies and assignments. images (8)

Stress is dangerous at all levels – right from your health to academics. Stress leads to high blood pressure problems, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, etc. being stressed changes your behavior, attitude which creates frustration in you. If you are frustrated from your routine you will skip classes and find a corner place to relax in the library. If you are sad your entire day is lost. Stress causes thousands of problems. So why adapt it? Let’s chuck it off and find some helpful ways to avoid and manage stress!

#1. Go for a movie.

Watching a good 3 hour movie really boards you off from your real life and pours you into another world. It decreases stress greatly and makes you happy. Good looking actors, pumpy songs and humor throws you out of your depression. You are pushed to the movie’s story and forget your own stress. watch-movie

#2. Write a diary.

Writing a personal diary daily is THE BEST thing to keep you on track. But if you are not into writing then during stress pen down all mess in your head and heart. You will be cleared and know the cause of your pain. Further you can crucially tear or fire the paper to give yourself some more relief. The frustration completely goes out setting your mind free. tumblr_lx1j2nZoNJ1r7769mo1_500

#3. To Do List.

The times when you have too much on your plate and you are completely confused with this mess – prepare the TO DO LIST. It’s the best accessory at such times. Distinguish the most and least “important” tasks. Drop works which are not necessary or entirely eliminate them.


#4. Sleep Well.

Scientifically a good 7 hours sleep fuels your freshness and energy. Lack of sleep causes stress as you think irrationally. So sleep properly and cherish the peace.

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#5. Listen music.

The all time healer- music. With music you really merge into another world with grace and feel lighted. It changes your mood and provides you brace. Plug in your earphones and raise the volume high to your selected playlist. Choose the genre which boosts you up and have a prepared playlists for all your moods. You can also Listen to your favorite radio station spending time alone.

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#6. Meet your close friends.

Dumping all the feelings to a close friend always cures. You can cry, scream, hug, spend some time and be stress free. Remember opening up to someone is not a sign of weakness. Infact your friends would be happy that you trusted them and this would strengthen your bond. But choose the right friend, someone to whom you are close. Advises and discussions make you know what to do next.

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#7. Meditation with palms open/ Relax.

Breathe in and out with your eyes closed and palms open. This helps you to relax and enter the room of peace. Meditate and make yourself fall the layers. This is the best way. The palms when opened built confidence in you and make you feel light. Do this every day to relax yourself. It’s the time when you take a break from all your work and responsibilities.

#8. Avoid people you hate or the stressor.

An eye contact or a sudden bumping to your hate listed people will devast your mood. Also avoid discussions on your hot buttons topic i.e. the topics which annoys you very soon. Be ignorant and calmed if such situation happens. Avoid the people who give you stress continuously. Spend less time with such people or end the relation entirely.


#9. Stay away from social sites.

Addicted to social sites?? It’s proved that when a person spends too much time on social networking sites, the person is found to be more sad then others. It’s because accessing continuously with others, seeing their “feeling loved” status, partying photos and shares make you think they are having a more happening life than yours. So cut it especially when stressed.


#10. Learn to say “NO”.

Know your limits well and serve yourself accordingly. Doing more stuffs make you stressed. Stick to the ones you are good at. It’s not mandatory to be the master of all. Know your limits. There are different standards for yourself and others. Learn to be okay with ‘good enough’.

#11. Eat healthy.

Eating healthy food makes you fit. Well nourished bodies are more capable of fighting with stress. Start your days with a king sized healthy breakfast and eat nutritious meals. Reduce caffeine as it causes stress. images (7)

#12. Laugh and enjoy every day.

See comedy, do things which makes you happy, follow your passion. Laughing helps your body fight with stress while your desired work will keep you away from frustration. Forgive people and learn all are humans who do mistakes. Grab the positive energy.


#13. Don’t try to control the uncontrollable.

Doing this has no results. Better focus on the things you can control. Pondering over someone’s behavior, imaginating a past issue, bad marks – this all will only increase your stress. Leave this and think about what to do next.


#14. Look at the future.

Think about the problem and whether it will affect you in the long run. Say after a month? A year? After 5 years? If the answer is no, you know what to do next.


Go for a walk

Spend time in nature

Play with a pet.

Get a massage.

Read a good book.

Work in your garden.

Take a long bath.

Sweat out stress with a good workout.

Call a close friend.

Enjoy a warm cup of tea/coffee or soup.

Watch a comedy.

Write your diary.

Listen to music.

Eat your favorite food.

– We are young students and we need to be happy and not stressed. Make sure you keep yourself happy and love your studies, work, and the surrounding you are in. Nurture yourself. Situation changes and the good is always waiting in future. Control yourself, your expectations and attitudes. Compromise and understand nobody is perfect. Be assertive and don’t enter into things which you can’t do. If a wrong decision results, stay chilled and learn from your mistakes. Love your Studies. Be Stress Free and Be Happy! 🙂


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