How To Prepare For Special Studies in Marketing, HRM & IMTP, Retail : Quick Tips By Prof. Deepa Makkad




For Special Studies in Marketing,

  • Case study is very important and you need to mention relevant examples especially about current products in your answers.
  • All the units / chapters are important. Sales promotion, IMC should be prepared well for case study.


Regarding reference books and examples,

  • Students should refer to atleast 2 textbooks to write the best answers.
  • Students can write answers on their own and not same as in the textbook.
  • The more you give relevant examples the better.
  • Examples always give extra marks / score.


Don’t miss to check:

case study


Regarding case studies,

  • Case study can be written in own words. Your answers to the case study helps the faculty understand if you have understood the concepts or not.
  • There is no format to attempt case studies. A student can give his / her opinion to the problems.


Regarding managing time,

  • For 15 marks, minimum 2 pages and point-wise answers should be written. After all its quality and not quantity that gives marks.
  • Per question a) and b) 12 to 15 minutes for theory question.
  • For Case study, 15 minutes is enough.


All the best for your exams!



By Prof. Deepa Makkad


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