How To Motivate Yourself In Low Times!


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Life is very valuable to each person on earth. There are some good things as well as bad things in life. There comes a time, when we go through many ups and downs in life. Every person goes from this phase of life. Joy and sorrow both are the part of our life. I personally believe that everything happens for a good cause, God is watching us and taking our test of life to make us realise the true meaning of life. There is struggle, hard work in achieving your desired goals. Nothing is free of cost on the earth, each and every one has to work hard for gaining those things in life. Good things that happen to us are: Friends, success, achieving fame, rich and the bad things are: involving in Gangs, drugs, and racism. Those are some of the things that make up our life and society.

There comes a time, when things are not going as per you. When you feel something is wrong but you are not able to figure out what? Everyone goes for this situation when they feel depressed, de-motivated by haters, low self-esteem etc. But you should never lose hope on God and on yourself. We can achieve whatever we wish to achieve in life. Nothing is impossible in this world, the word “IMPOSSIBLE” it describes “IM-POSSIBLE”. We can achieve anything with hard work, high self-esteem, self belief in yourself. There are people who don’t understand how to overcome such situations when things are going down and they are losing hope. There are some steps a person can overcome from such depression or low self-esteem zone to boost up their motivation in life to come up with new will power to gain anything they desire:

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Let’s get started!

Analyse the situation/ problem:

The very first step is to analyse the situation. Why things are not working out. At which point you are going wrong. Closely observe all the facts of the situation/ problem and then try to think wisely about the topic and figure out all the possible solutions for those problems.


Observe all the alternative solutions:

While you figure out your problem, now it is important to find out all the possible solutions for the problem. Few solutions come out, one should wisely choose the best solution from all alternative solutions from which he/she most comfortable in.


Be optimistic:

It is very important to stay positive throughout your life. One should never see life in a negative way. For being happy, the simplest funda is to see everything in a positive manner. When a person sees his problems in a positive way, there is no situation which can trouble or bother that person. To defeat the bad mood, turn your favourite music, pull up the window shade and let the sun in or go for a short run or walk. You’ll feel much more productive once you get your juices flowing.


Ask a friend for help:

Friends are the best gift from god, they are always there for you whenever you need any help. There is a saying: two heads are better than one, well that’s true. You might need someone who can motivate you but sometimes just knowing that you’re not in it alone can be very motivating.

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Talk about it:

Talk about your problems to your friends or to your family. Tell them about what is bothering you and ask them to encourage you to overcome from this situation.


Visualize your outcome:

It is important to visualize the possible outcome you will get after your decision. It is necessary to know your end result if you don’t know about the end result how you can go and do that.

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Dress for confidence:

Did you know some colours can affect your mood? When you feel low or sad always wear that makes you feel confident and good. Like for me, if I’m feeling sad I usually wear bright colours to change my mind and which makes me confident and happy too.


Remember why:

Always keep that in mind that it is easy to stay on course if you’re feeling motivated, but motivation can fade as time pass by. But don’t lose hope, be a fighter stand again and motivate yourself that you can do it. Always make a list of your goals what you desire to achieve and how important they are to you, and keep the list where you can read it again and again and can boost up your confidence.

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