Every company has a responsibility towards its society and have to return back whatever has been taken from it. So that the future generation can utilize that resources. There are few steps mention below which can help the company to earn its goodwill and give maximum satisfaction to their employees.


1. Make giving easy. Talk to your leadership team about making it convenient for you and your colleagues to make charitable contributions beyond just the yearly United Way campaign. Due to the recession, donations to the 400 largest charities in the U.S. (including the United Way) drop by 11% in 2009. At the same time, contribution by people making over $200,000 per year fell by 35%. So, in these tough times when many aid organizations have fewer resources, it is all the more important to mobilize larger numbers of people to contribute. Obviously organizations cannot (and should not) force employees to give — but they can make giving easy by setting up payroll reduction plans, putting links to vetted charities on company websites, and providing forums for educating employees about social and community issues.

2. Cut back to give back. Consider ways of redirecting some of the lower-value items in your budget to community or social activities. For example, one company realized that it was supplying three biscuits (as well as coffee, tea, and soft drinks) for every person attending meetings in the headquarters building. By reducing the biscuit allocation it was able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, some of which could be shifted to corporate giving. Another opportunity is to either reduce the luxury level of corporate offsites, and/or spend a portion of each offsite with your team doing community service. This not only benefits the community, but also develops the team

3. Work together to give your time. Use the Thanksgiving holiday to talk with your team about doing or sponsoring a social service project together (again on an optional basis). Find out what kind of project they would feel good about, and tap into their interests and passions. Set a goal for what you want to accomplish, and then keep it going throughout the year.

Although it may not be apparent, individuals and organizations can make a difference  especially if we all increase the giving that goes along with our thanks.

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