Eminent personalities from the university were present to enlighten the students. Our workshop in MGM College started with the session on HRM by Mr. Ahmed Patel.


A brief recap about all the topics followed by explanation on how to present an HRM paper.


Topics highlighted were: for long questions(10marks)

Introduction to HRM, HRP, Job analysis, selection process, training and development process.

Performance appraisal – types, techniques n process, career planning and career development..


While for 3marks concept topics like IR, trade union, participative management, succession planning, retrenchment, VRS,…etc. to b covered n also some part from previous mentioned topics.


Case study and application based caselets/questions may come from topics like Promotions, performance appraisal, training and development, recruitment and selection, IR, trade unions.


For a 3mark concept write atleast a 3/4 but concise answer.

For 5mark short note write minimum 1and 1/2 side and for 10marks a 4 page will do depending whether u cover all d relevant points. Write crisp, precise n draw diagrams wherever possible.


Next session was by Mr. Ajeet Shah on our “favorite” Financial Management. He said about the sequence we should follow while doing revision. It goes this way Leverages, working capital, receivable management, cost of capital, capital structure planning, business restructuring, cash management, capital budget so as to utilize our time optimally. 10marks questions are expected from capital budget, business restructuring, receivable management, and working capital while the 5marks questions may come from the remaining topics n also from d above mentioned. Theory will come mostly from capital budgeting, sources of finance, intro to fm n a few one liners from here n there. Pls refer to past university papers thoroughly and use Vipul prakashan Arvind dhond’s FM book for guidance. Be thorough with ur formulae n present the paper beautifully.


Further the session was continued by Mr. Ahmed Patel on Logistics n SCM. Imp chapters to be focused are from unit 2 n unit 3. Be thorough wit both these units bcz both small n large questions as well as case study is covered from these units. Major topic for case is transportation n a few concepts from here n there. Unit 1 n units 4 are majorly focused on 3marks concept questions. Questions can be asked with their alternative names. So students are expected to be thoroughly clear at this.eg (Transit inventory is also known as Pipeline inventory). Pls go through Vinod Sapale’s reference book on logistics for Kanban n bull whip effect… Follow previous instructions on how to write a paper.


Next session was on special studies in marketing and service sector management …combined by the same faculty Mr. Rinkesh Chaddha.

Units that are important for SSM are unit 2 n unit 3. Students can expect max. long questions from these…small questions and concepts are to be covered from all the 4 units. Case study will evolve from unit 2.


For special studies marketing each topic is important coz concepts and small questions are covered from everywhere. Students don’t have any privilege to skip any topic. Here long questions to be expected from unit 1,2….short notes from unit 1 n4….topics highlighted r like decision making model, stages in adoption, IMC, DAGMAR, communication models, media planning…many short caselets are covered from all the topics….

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