Sharing your inspiration, ideas and knowledge is half the fun and here at BMS, we absolutely adore seeing what kinds of articles and blogs you’ve come up with. So if you’ve ever wanted to contribute and write for, read on to understand how to make that happen.

If you have a registered account on, you already have your own blog and you can use it for whatever you like. Any articles you share automatically show up there. Anyone can write on BMS, but your articles must be approved by our editors first. As soon as you submit your article, our editors will do a quality check and generally approve it. This helps keep the trolls and spammers at bay and ensures only good content that helps the BMS community gets posted.

So let’s understand how you can contribute and write articles on :

You can click on the arrows to view images in a step by step tutorial format below.


You can click on steps of individual images to magnify them if you want to look at any of the steps in a full screen format.

That’s All Folks! Publishing your content on has never been easier!

As always, if you have any questions, comment below 🙂

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