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  1. darsh 4 years ago

    I got 21 in FM IN SEM 5 nov, 2015 I mean like as per the rules i should 9 grace marks since my total is 352 isnt im eligible to get that ? And my performance in other subjects is quite satisfactory i got O in 3 subjects and A in 2 and F in FM:( reply asap and i have applied for revaluation what are the chances though ?
    And any idea when will the revaluation results will come out ?

    • Greeshma Mohan 4 years ago

      Hey guys.. this is Greeshma am a student of BMS as per the university’s curriculam am continuing with internship in Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Center which is a health care association for completing my sem 5 project..My topic is employee induction in the specialization of HR..I am confused how to start my project..could u pls do me this favour..advice me some tips..and what implementations can be done related to my topic.. awaiting for a sound reply..

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