How To Beat Boredom Of Exams During Weekends


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Being in colleges, studies seem important and scary only when the exam come closer to vision. Hunting for notes and chapters, adding extra examples from google, spending time in the library making notes and all other good things starts entering as the exams time table is displayed.

Hangouts, fun, relaxment, extra hours in the canteen and campus, bunking are all devasted and the awaited WEEKENDS turn out to be a time when we can study more. At such times heading a break from studies and enjoying the Saturday … Sounds exiting right? We youngsters are always squeezed from all aspects may be its our bright studies, tiring parents, ever demanding friends or our own sole relaxement- everything has to be sacrificed when EXAMS approaches and so the awaited joyful WEEKENDs are wasted :(.


There is no pain like wasting a full-fledge weekend. But yes you cannot party out when you are 0 % prepared for your exams. Which we all are to some extent every semester. If the headache isn’t really high – you can stick to your books’ shoes. Planning a perfect study plan where your weekend will be pleasured too seems a smart work. A weekend is tempting and it plunger us off from our sincerity to studies. There are people who seem tough to such temptations. But the quickers are impatient. So here I present some tips for bypassing the weekend temptation and sticking to studies.


When the greed is too high start thinking about the end. Yes, the Results. Imagine your report card and the marks assigned to all subjects. Visualizing this will definitely dispose a lot of stress to your pocket and a sight of displeasure. You obviously don’t want to see the “FAIL” ghost on your result and start thinking about your studies. The weekend will not be worthy in front of your result visualization.


The ones who will drag your sincerity at any cost and indulge you to a weekend plan… be far from this people for the time being. Friends have got the birth power and quality to easily influence and indulge a friend. You need to understand the importance of a week and how important are these days for your preparation. Be far from indulging friends and set on your ignore mode for them.


Go to the kitchen and grab a snack. Now snack doesn’t means you need to open packets of stuffed chips or anything unhealthy. Go for something that will increase your concentration and nutrition. You can eat anything which you love, even can cook it. Cooking will cheer your entertainment thirst, you will feel fresh away from studies. And the food made will surely increase your focus to go back to studies.

  1. TAKE A NAP.

You’re learning ability refreshes when you come out from a nap, don’t be scared or worried to take a nap as it will waste your 20 minutes. What’s the use of studying when you are not fresh, nothing goes to your head. Better take a nap for 20 minutes. This brushes your mind enough to start again. Naps increase alertness and productivity of your mind. But make sure you don’t oversleep.


When your mind gets stale, get up and see around. You will get a lot to work on. Doing chores will indulge your mind away from studies and gives you a good break. You regain energy to study and see the room is clean too.


Just get up and breathe well. You will feel light soon, then start some moving exercises. Take a walk around your room or house. Go to your window/balcony and soothe your eyes. As studies says Exercise boosts memory. So do it every time when you take a break.


The studies which is going to illuminate your future, will pay all your leisure and dreams, for whom you yourself has struggled to hold it, who defines your present designation, who empowers you the ability to be a professional after few years- can’t you sacrifice a weekend for it? A mere Saturday party… is it important than your life giving worthful studies??? Common even if you are a hardcore party addictor – you should have the guts to face your studies and let a party go.


Social media helps you to freshen your mind, but you never know what mood you will return from your social media profiles. So it’s better to stay away from it during studies. Cheque it when you finish your studies but not between it.


Invite your one serious friend to study with you. This will kick boredom out of your door. You can study together, ask doubts and make the study session interesting as you prefer and are comfortable too. But don’t end gossiping and talking whole session.


Don’t sit somewhere where it’s too noisy for you to concentrate or where the lights are too high. See a place which provides concentration to you. Whether you can focus in a dark place or corner or you like to study in light. Preferably many choose corners to study or a balcony where they can concentrate without getting bored.

So letting go your weekend and boredom isn’t that tough as you thought. Follow this easy tips and conquer your temptations, boredom and kill your studies.




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We, at, believe in sharing knowledge and giving quality information to our BMS students. We are here to provide and update you with every details required by you BMSites! If you want to join us, please mail to [email protected]


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