Values express dharma or divine nature as understood in the east, particularly in the Indian ethos and insight and the ideas of integrity as  understood in the west.

Values creates invaluable credibility and goodwill of individuals.

Leaders with values has state of mind, equanimity. Such a person can mobilize his and other’s energy and help accomplish wonders.

Leaders having values develop themselves and help others to develop values in time. Further this makes leader a model to be emulated by others.

The final proof of sincerity and seriousness in uncompromising emphasis on integrity of character in a job. For it is character through which leadership is exercised, it is character that sets the example and is imitated in turn.

Leader lacking in character and integrity which are the part of values no matter how knowledgeable, how brilliant, how successful – he destroys people the valuable asset of company.  He destroys spirit and he destroys performance.

Leader having values will poise, wisdom, harmony and peace to manage effectively others and to assure enriched quality of mind as well as enriched quality of work.  This would result in effectiveness of performance.

Leaders are after all basically human being who can manage himself with the aim of reaching the perception the human spirit is capable proof value based leaders can easily purify hearts and minds of themselves decisions taken by such people would be unbiased one.

Leaders effectiveness at work is tied to exercising intrinsic human values. These human values support established business values such as service, communication, excellence, creditability, innovation, creativity and co-ordination.  Human values helps self development.  Managerial functions such as direction, control, supervision and communication, integration and co-ordination are much easier. Human values help good interpersonal interactions.  They reduce conflicts and disputes. They are part and parcel of achieving  accelerated process improvement customer, workers  and citizen satisfaction.  Leaders through their values enhance reputation and goodwill of the organization.

People constitute the greatest dynamic inputs in any organization. They are the center or pivot and must be regard as the vital and integral part of organization and management.  Every individual is the representation of a divine essence. The true leader has due regard for the divine, essence in every member of the organization and recognizes practically unlimited potential energy of  a human being which can be tapped by any manager.  Development of people not in skills but in normal, ethical and spiritual values now becomes the necessary end in itself.

Human harmony and happiness are the main objectives of any enterprise to justify its survival and progress.  Due overburden of science and technology at use has bought undesirable results such as unwanted stresses and strains unrest and loneliness in the human mind which has to be removed by adding values at quality of work towards which leaders must take the step.

Leaders must start altering the old-man machine situation man must be given positions as masters and not a slave to machine or technology. Human values would honour the core humanness and bring about harmony and balance between values as means and values as ends.

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