“Health is Wealth” the most famous proverb of all time. Have we ever thought deeply on what this proverb means? Fitness is something that should be valued by every individual. If a person is in good health and is free from diseases that weakens their immunity he or she can lead the most tension free and awesome life.

Health conscious people always lead a better life in comparison to those who don’t take fitness seriously or pay less attention towards their health.  It is not necessary that for staying fit you need to be in the gym 24*7! A balanced diet, regular exercise routine even if it is for half an hour, avoid eating unhealthy food. And this is it you discover a newer and a healthier version of yourself!

Have you ever thought why do we get easily affected by the beautiful film actresses and handsome movie actors? Of course one reason would be that we are fond of them and we really like them and they are our idols in some way or the other. All of us are fond of film stars, the way they look, the way they dress, the way they carry themselves, etc. Some wants a body like DEEPIKA PADUKONE, some want to look like HRITHIK ROSHAN, some want SHAHRUKH KHAN’S style to woo girls, while some want the energy VARUN DHAWAN has, etc and the list goes on! We all at some point of time have desired to live their life atleast for once. The most important thing in their lives which they themselves value a lot is fitness. To maintain the type of body which makes everyone to feel envious of them, a lot of hard work has to be put in by them!

Everyone who desires to look extraordinary or in simple words wants to look their best, the main key to that is by following a healthy lifestyle. Once you starting leading one you yourself will see the changes in yourself and you feel more confident of yourself. Confidence is the most important element in an individual’s personality. A person with low self-confidence will not be able to come-up in life. As people of low self-confidence fear taking risks and don’t have the courage because of which they form a habit of only following others. Therefore, in a way physical fitness also contributes to an individual’s personality!


Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.



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