Hey Lady, Here’s What You Should Know About Women Rights In India


women's rights

There is a lot of injustice and violence done against women in our country through various crimes of Dowry, No women Education, Sexual violence, rape, and female infanticide. The rate of crime against women every day is increasing so rapidly that their safety is threatened. Not only their safety is threatened but even they are denied their basic rights so the Government of India along with the efforts of Women’s Rights Association are trying to protect Women’s Rights and grant it to them as it is also their Right to use and receive their Rights being citizens of India.

Some of the most important Women Rights are as follows:

  1. Right to Education

Under this right every woman is entitled to receive basic education and there are special schools that provide free education to the less fortunate or those who cannot afford the expenses. Right to education has improved the health condition of many women as it has reduced the rate of deaths due to early pregnancy. At the same time when a woman in the house is educated she maintains her health of her family and also educates them.



  1. Right to Vote

Women have the right to select their Representatives who can govern their country. The Right to vote brings in Women the confidence to voice their opinion as well as speak out through their voting power. This also gives them the equal status like men.


  1. Right to Work

Women are given equal chance like men to work in all fields Science, Technology etc. Right to work helps them to build their Individual personality and the face the world on their own with confidence and helps in building their self-esteem. It also helps them to support their family and earn their own Living to live life independently.


  1. Right to Equal Pay

Women at work have another Right .i.e. Right to equal Pay. In most firms Women are given subordinate positions than Men and also less Pay as Compared to Men. They are even paid less salary as compared to Men, though the amount of work done by both is equal. The Right to Equal Pay entitles them to receive the salary they deserve without any Sexual Discrimination


  1. Right to Equal Property

This is the Right which has been acquired for Women through the Amendment of HINDU LAW under which a women has the Right to Equal Share in Property of their Parents or Husband. This Right enables women to live life independently without relying on anybody.


All of these Rights for Women help Women to Stand for their Rights and Voice out their Opinion. So All Women should get access to these Rights and live life with Respect, Pride and Honour


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