Have You Ever Been Scared Of Your Dreams?



In life there comes many faces when we are confused, doubtful, anxious and scared. The fear before Starting off a new thing, the fear during the process and the fear of the result. Human face this every up and down of Decision making in their lives. But are you or have you ever scared of your dreams? Something you have wished to do for the entire phase of your life, something that you have decided to do from your own choice and judgments…and you are very well equipped and happy with the same too. But there comes certain things that pushes you to think a step behind – m I doing it right? Will the things happen the same way I’m thinking…I’m dreaming to be?

We are never scared of our dreams and decisions…we are scared about people. what will my mom/father/boss/friend/husband say if this plan fails, what will I do if my money hangs out, what will I do if they cheat me, what will I do if I cannot make it, what will I answer ?…this vicious things traps us every time destroying the peak of our dreams too. You are on your road…you have decided something on your own, and you are fulfilling it too. You are happy. But then enters someone’s criticism…which tries to break and anger you, hearing nonsense about something that you prefer so heartedly is being ruined in public – and you are not able to rage anything…you anyhow fight over the situation…but your heart asks you – whether this criticism is right or wrong? Does that really had any meaning or existence?

 You fear from your decision…you become scared of your dreams… which no doubt isn’t a really worse thing. If you are warned about a tragedy what’s better than that? Because life is an unexpected game and an unsolved mystery. But what happens is that the – purity of your dreams gets biased. Which hurts you. Results into state of being scared to take a decisions or follow your dreams. Things happen. Shit happens. Human should keep walking and doing things that they love. Doing an unwanted or hated thing will only give you regular pinches. So it’s better to take a risk and venture your journey of dreams.

The worst criticism is when you can’t protest. You are forced to hear it…And let yourself degrade and break. You cannot raise your voice to the bad things happening to you which is fueling your dreams down and making you feel the smallest. This are the worst Kinds of criticism against your dreams. But you know what – learn to accept criticism…let a thing help rather than degrade. Next time when someone criticize you – accept it as a fuel to your dreams. Remember your day will come one day.


Another way when you get scared of your dreams is when it’s related to the People attached with you. If the plan fails you are dead. Such kinds of dreams also Scares. Especially in family matters. Dreams are always not the big one – which you are struggling since years to achieve i.e. the dream of your Life. Such dreams just do not fall deeply in this category. But the small dreams which makes you happy when once failed …makes you scare though. You have been dreaming since months to own a gadget and use it, you go with your family to buy it but things fail and crashes…no one is happy with you, all are ready to shoot you for your Bad decisions and dreams…the criticism lets you down – and you think – this is it. There no more dreaming towards anything. You don’t want to own anything, you are done with life, and you just want to reject all appealing things…this was just an example…we face such creepy heart breaking issues a lot in Life….

What if all our dreams could come true just like our thoughts and wishes to owe them…life would be so easy and happening. Getting all the things you want one day, well this can be a dream only. The only thing we can do to get rid of these problem is to accept the change and be ready for the bad always. And let the good surprise us. Take a decision logically and with your heart too. Think about the Ups and downs in before and do not take risks when it’s not that important…because the results may sadden you more and the people attached to you. On the other side being fearless is the best and self-satisfying experience… but in real life that seems unreal many times, especially when you are sickled with Responsibilities and pressures. When you do not have any options…when you cannot think only about yourself. Where your each small matters and decision effect people…you are bound to scare. Dreams are the motivating factor of each one’s life…so make it a good one, a safe one. Which will make you happy. All the best.


        – SANGITA MAITY.


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